Drone Strike Force Teases First Big Update and Post-Launch Plans

It’s been two weeks since the Drone Strike Force landed on Steam with the likes of Shroud, Profressor Broman, and Sacriel all diving in to see what it’s about, and the team at Odisi Games isn’t slowing down. There’s a *checks notes* metric BUTTLOAD of new content and features coming in the weeks and months ahead, and Odisi’s own David Fridman took to Steam to outline just a few of the things pilots can expect.

The big one? VERY soon a free trial version will be released on Steam, inviting anyone and everyone to give the action a shot before buying into the premium and fully-unlocked game.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the great stuff that’s coming very soon to Drone Strike Force:

AI: Bots, Baby!
After all, wouldn’t high-tech fighting drones be piloted by artificial intelligence? We’ve been working hard on developing AI to add bots to the game. Bots will unlock a bunch of cool stuff:

  • We can experiment with new game modes that are fun with AI
  • Low-population matchmaking can speed up by adding bots to the mix at off-peak hours or whenever necessary
  • A Skirmish lobby is coming, letting pilots hone their skills in a co-op vs. AI battle while waiting for a match to pop!

New Game Mechanics
We want to make sure Drone Strike Force has a lot of tactical depth and opportunities for different viable playstyles and strategies, so we’re working on a few design changes and other features:

  • We’re working on an armor/weapon system change that will require a bit more strategic thinking when you’re heading into a fight
  • A bunch of new weapons, skills, items, & perks are in the pipeline

New Features
But wait, there’s more!

  • Stat tracking so you can keep tabs on your progress, including KDA and W/L
  • New ‘Package Run’ game mode – think Capture the Flag!
  • A new map!

Growing the Community
Of course, we also know we need more Drone pilots playing to make sure there’s a healthy community, good matchmaking, and one day a competitive scene for Drone Strike Force.

  • Weekend Happy Hours: We’re trying out weekend happy hours where you can earn extra XP and credits for each game you play, to help create concentrated play periods with high player population
  • Free trial: Soon, we’re going to launch a 100% free trial version of Drone Strike Force. Players can try out a limited version of the game to get a taste, so make sure to invite your friends to try it out!
  • Remember to join the Discord if you’re not already there! https://discord.gg/f8SXUCU
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