Dungeon Drafters Launches on Console Platforms March 14

Strategic Card-Based Adventure Hits Major Consoles

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The Strategic Card Adventure Arrives on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox

Publisher DANGEN Entertainment, together with developer Manalith Studios, has confirmed that Dungeon Drafters is set for a digital store release across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on March 14, 2024. This upcoming launch will encompass all content updates previously introduced since the game’s original debut on PC, positioning it as the most comprehensive version to date. Pre-order options for the Nintendo Switch version are currently open.

Game Overview and Mechanics

Dungeon Drafters is classified as a mystery dungeon adventure game enriched with roguelite elements. The core gameplay revolves around the strategic use of cards, which act as the player’s primary mechanism for casting spells and executing complex combos during tile-based battles. These cards enable players to perform a variety of actions, from tearing the earth apart with earthquake spells to summoning allies for battle assistance.

Character Selection and Gameplay Dynamics

Upon starting the game, players can choose from one of six character types: Mage, Brawler, Monk, Bard, Shinobi, and Explorer. Each character type comes with a unique starting deck that influences early gameplay strategies. However, as players progress, they have the opportunity to diversify their decks and customize their characters according to their preferences.

The objective involves navigating through one of the game’s six distinctive dungeons, adapting to the challenges presented by each dungeon’s monsters, and strategically collecting cards to enhance gameplay capabilities.

Exploration and Strategy

A significant aspect of Dungeon Drafters involves the decision-making process during dungeon exploration. Players must weigh the risks of delving deeper into dungeons against the potential loss of acquired loot. The game also features an immersive Adventurers’ Town, where players can engage in various preparatory and leisure activities, such as acquiring new cards, opening boosters to unlock additional cards, accepting quests from NPCs, and fishing.

Deck-Building System

With over 300 different cards spanning various archetypes—including Traveler, Raider, Stranger, Oracle, and Warden—”Dungeon Drafters” offers a versatile deck-building experience. The game caters to a wide range of player types, from those seeking the most powerful card combinations to experimenters interested in exploring novel gameplay strategies, and even to completionists focused on collecting every card available.

Dungeon Drafters promises a unique blend of strategy, adventure, and card game mechanics, offering something for every type of player when it arrives on console platforms this March.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 

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