Dungeon Stars from Furnace and Riposte Studios Early Access Date with Trailer

Riposte Games & Co, the developer behind smash hit Mini Guns and Dallas based Furnace Games, spearheaded by industry legends Allan Ditzig and Jim Montgomery, are pleased to unveil the first details about their upcoming title Dungeon Stars, a side scrolling hack & slash dungeon crawler. Dungeon Stars is an explosive evolution of the classic dungeon crawler with addictive button-smashing action set in a world populated by lovable characters, a beautifully rich 3D environment, and rapid progression.

Johan Eile, CEO of Riposte Games & Co, commented:

“We are very excited about the collaboration between Furnace games and Riposte Games & Co as it bolsters a new force within the indie video game landscape. Dungeon Stars represents the first project of this partnership, and we are eager to start to receive players’ feedback. We try to push the quality bar on both tech and art with everything we do and all the developers from this game is taking that to heart in a big way. The game is built on a solid core engine and to see the content come to life is just an awesome experience. This is a really fresh and exciting evolution of the dungeon crawler genre and will bring a lot of fun to the players.”

Key features include:

– Visually stunning blend of 3D lighting technology with hyper expressive 2D-Style characters.
Collect 15 charming and adventurous heroes, each with their own unique powers and special quests to perform. Team them up to take on various challenges.

– Simple and addictive action-combat that has heroes blasting through hordes of enemies.
Block powerful enemy attacks, Smash through enemy shields, and unleash rapid Attacks to deal damage as fast as possible. As you defeat enemies, you power up your Special Abilities to turn the tables on dangerous opponents and powerful Bosses.

– Powerful pets and gear creating a variety of magical combinations and capabilities to explore.
Level-up your heroes to unlock abilities and boost their stats; equip magic gems and pets to give them new powers; customize your heroes to match your play style.

– 40+ adventures with special procedural content that bolsters replay and exploration.
Random encounters, secret rooms and loot are never the same twice.

Furnace and Riposte Games & Co debut project, Dungeon Stars, will be launching on Steam Early Access, April 26, 2018. The Early Access release will give gamers the opportunity to experience a major part of the game prior to release and provide invaluable feedback to the team of Furnace and Riposte Games & Co.

A playable preview version of Dungeon Stars will also be available at the Pax East Indie showcase, from April 5 to April 8, 2018 in Boston Massachusetts.

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