EA Sports Drops Season 6 for PGA TOUR with Ryder Cup Flavor

Yo, gamers! Time to get your golfing gear on because EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Season 6 is officially live. And guess what? It’s bringing the Ryder Cup right into the gameplay.

Patch 7.0: What’s New?

Pop the game open, and the first thing you’ll get is a choice between Team USA or Team Europe. Make your pick, because it’ll affect your gameplay journey for the entire season. Your golfer avatar gets to sport the team’s uniform, and the UI’s gonna match your vibe too. Ryder Cup theme music? You bet it’s there.

Level Up with Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

Not just cosmetic changes, EA is introducing the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, the 2023 Ryder Cup’s host. Want more? How about playing on iconic Ryder Cup courses like Kiawah Island, Oak Hill, The Country Club, and Whistling Straits? Time to tee off.

Pro Pass Update: Grab the MultiVerse Gear

Leveling up your Pro Pass? Season 6 allows you to earn a dope “MultiVerse” gear set for Team USA or Europe. More rewards include Scottie Scheffler’s Ball Spec and a slick Titleist SM9 Custom Team USA or Europe Wedge. Token up your Pro Pass by conquering live Quests, Ryder Cup Challenges, and participating in Online, Tournaments, and Career modes.

New Gameplay Modes: It’s Ryder Cup Everywhere!

Whether you’re into Online, Tournaments, Challenges, Quick Play, or Private Match, EA wants you to feel the Ryder Cup energy. Expect the crowd to be super hyped, even in turn-based modes across Online and Private Match.

Team Up Online: 2v2 Formats Now Available

Join the Ryder Cup spirit in Online and Private Match modes with 2v2 team formats, Foursomes and Four-Ball. Whether you’re solo matchmaking or teaming up with a buddy, get ready to feel that Ryder Cup atmosphere.

Leaderboards Get Fresh Filters

Keep track of your Foursomes and Four-Ball game with updated leaderboards. Plus, a new “Top 100 Teams Leaderboard” to see which player pairs are crushing it.

Challenges Mode Gets a Ryder Cup Makeover

History buffs can dive into challenge series from past Ryder Cups—1991, 1995, 1999, and 2020. More challenges based on the 2023 Ryder Cup will drop after the event.

Quick Play: Your Way, Always

Choose your Ryder Cup format in Quick Play, team up with friends or AI. Customize it just how you like.

Other Updates: Player Level and Camera Zooms

Max level for created golfers jumps from 50 to 60, with OVR calculation adjustments. Plus, low-view putting zoom gets an upgrade for better accuracy and smoother transitions.

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Season 6 is a Ryder Cup extravaganza. Time to hit the greens, gamers!

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Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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