Empty your garage, get rid of everything in there, including your car, as today we’re transforming it into a clinic for… cyborgs!

Become a cyborg surgeon mechanic in a shady and absurd cyberpunk underworld. Repair burnt-out circuits, modify limbs, perform complex surgeries, and craft better equipment for your clientele. Remember that augmenting an organic body with mechanical parts is risky and can result in augmentation rejection or even death. To top it all off, most of your clients are disreputable individuals with an extensive criminal record. This fact makes your business suspicious to the authorities, who won’t stop bothering you and asking you questions. Make your one-person operation thrive and increase its popularity to keep a steady flow of customers and cash. But beware of the police putting you on their radar. The more recognizable you are, the more they’ll breathe down your neck. Stay vigilant and don’t let them lock you up. Decide whether to turn your clients over to the police or keep your mouth shut. You have to keep your dodgy business up and running somehow, right?

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Cyborg Mechanic is a simulation game where you face the challenges of being a surgeon/mechanic. Your patients are cyborgs and humans with bionic limbs, artificial organs, or fancy implants that improve their quality of life and certain skills. Diagnose them, repair them, and enhance their bodies. Develop your workshop and acquire new equipment. You will operate in the underground, gaining fame and money while avoiding cyber-raids by the authorities.


Augment your clients
Your job is to make your customers happy by solving their problems. It’s your way to fame and money. And of course, it’s what you live for. Your task, as a cyborg mechanic, is not only to diagnose problems but also introduce modifications and improvements to bodies, minds, and shells. But be careful – any procedure can end in your client suffering disability, death, or something worse…

Your clients work in the underground – they are traffickers, bodyguards, soldiers, madmen addicted to new cyberware, street samurais, mnemonics, and more. Many of them have interesting stories to tell, but all of them want repairs or improvements. Job orders vary in their level of complexity and the equipment required to complete the task. You don’t have to accept every client, but implants and augmentations are your way of life…

How about a Russian mechanical arm from a decade ago? Maybe some Wolverine-like claws of your own design? The most modern laser eyes and high-end coprocessors are on offer, too. The list of implants that require simple or complex procedures increases with your skills, fame, and resources. With time, your clients’ bodies, minds, and shells won’t hold any secrets…


Workshop management
Money is just a way to achieve your goal, which is to create the best workshop in the city. What equipment will help you find customers? Do you need to purchase a cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) pump this instant, or is it better to invest in a state of the art amputation saw first? Laser soldering iron or surgical scalpel? Tough choices. Posters, colorful LEDs, or slot machines? Looks are important, too. Style over substance!

You work as an outlaw – without a license, out of control, and not worrying too much about your workshop being a sterile environment. The more famous you are, the more your brand of illegal implants appears on the streets, which will lead the cyber police to be more vigilant. You can be sure they’ll be looking for you. They might lock you up right away. Maybe you can bribe them? Or maybe they’ll ask you for a small favor – who knows!


Cyborg Mechanic is under development. Its release date will be announced shortly.

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