Enter the Abyss: DESOLATIUM Takes Players on a Lovecraftian Journey

Hey G-LYFE Nation, ready to dive into cosmic horror? SOEDESCO has just unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming point-and-click adventure, DESOLATIUM, set to drop on October 27, 2023. Get those controllers ready, because this eerie ride is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Gear up, it’s priced at € 29,99/$ 29,99 in both digital and physical versions.

Eldritch Lore Meets Modern Gaming: What’s DESOLATIUM All About?

Based on the Cthulhu mythos by American Horror icon H.P. Lovecraft, DESOLATIUM is all about solving the mystery of a missing friend. You won’t just be wandering alone; four different characters each bring their unique mechanics to this shadowy realm filled with Lovecraftian critters and myths.

Waking Up in a World of Madness: The Story Details

In DESOLATIUM, one of your playable characters, Carter, finds himself in a mysterious room as the tale unfolds. Carter’s skepticism turns into full-blown curiosity as he sets out to decipher the world’s secrets. Each decision you make guides him and others through this enigmatic universe.

Gameplay Highlights: What Can You Expect?

  • A Lovecraft-inspired world with intricate mythos
  • Stunning real-world locations recreated in 360°
  • Four distinct characters with unique game mechanics
  • A 14-chapter saga offering multiple scenarios and investigations
  • High replay value with a range of possible endings

Visuals and Audio: Setting the Atmosphere

Not just a feast for the mind, DESOLATIUM serves up visual and auditory treats too. The game uses comic-book style graphics coupled with ambisonic (8D) audio. If you’re keen on smooth gameplay, get ready for an optimized experience at 120FPS.

So, there you have it, G-LYFE Nation. DESOLATIUM is offering a deep dive into cosmic horror, and it’s just around the corner. Keep those calendars marked for October 27, 2023, and prepare for an adventure of eldritch proportions.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

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