Inca Games, the Spanish Latin America-focused incubator and publisher of independent video games, announced today that the first two of its incubated titles, Element: Space, and Tango: The Adventure Game are both available for pre-order starting today.

Element Space

A Sci-Fi squad-based, tactical RPG, Element: Space is the debut title from Sixth Vowel, the internal development studio of Inca Games. Set 200 years in the future, Element: Space consists of 24 branching, handcrafted missions where every decision – from allegiance to squad companions, really matters. These choices determine how the story is revealed and which weapons and skills are available through the game’s complex combat system, requiring multiple playthroughs to experience it all. Players will explore factions with distinct cultures, aesthetics, ideologies and combat strategies, while recruiting squad members with unique story arcs and skills to help on their quest.

In development for more than two years, Element: Space is one of the most ambitious titles wholly conceived and developed in the emerging Spanish-speaking Latin America games market. The digital-only title is slated for release on PC later this month for $24.99 USD, with console versions to follow. The game is available for pre-order for the limited-time special price of $19.99


Tango: The Adventure Game is a classic 2D point-and-click graphic adventure that combines humorous dialog, brain-teasing puzzles, and beautiful music. Centered on a main character loosely based on the legendary Carlos Gardel, the world’s most famous Tango artist, the game mixes fact and fiction to craft the story of the history of the Tango and the culture surrounding it while painting a picture of 1930’s Buenos Aires. Created by Argentinian indie studio Gualicho Games, Tango features many of Gardel’s most famous songs and nods to his films, as well as an original score by Adriana Figueroa Manas and Tango-related trivia.

Tango: The Adventure Game will be available for PCs before year’s end for $9.99 USD, but is available for a limited pre-order price of $6.99

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