Foxgirl Yuri Visual Novel “Forest Guardian” Launches Uncensored!

As of March 30th, “Forest Guardian”, a fantasy, yuri romance featuring foxgirls, has launched on both Itch & Steam, with other platforms such as Nutaku & JAST comingi n the near future.


What would you do if you met a fox girl in a forest? After collapsing in a forest while trying to make it to the local port before winter sets in, a lone merchant, Anna, wakes up in a pristine shrine. It doesn’t appear as though anybody else is there, with the exception of the caretaker, a kitsune who introduces herself as Mayu. Being the guardian of the forest, Mayu laments the fact that, with the exception of Anna, she has not had any visitors to her shrine in many, many years. Yet duty calls, and she is a very diligent fox girl.
As thanks for saving her, Anna wants to help Mayu bring visitors back to her shrine, but what she learns in the meantime may end up making her change her mind. Confronted with Mayu’s past, what will Anna do? Find out in this cute yuri visual novel!

The game is $10.99, and will run at a 10% discount for the next week.



  • A cute yuri kinetic visual novel featuring romance with a kemonomimi!
  • Beautiful Anime Art by the fantastic Ryle! (Tower of Five Hearts, Why Is There A Girl In My House?!)
  • 3-5 hours of gameplay
  • Ambient & Pretty Soundtrack
  • 17 CGs covering a number of different H-Scenes!
  • Multi-platform Support! (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Shrine Maidens!
  • Fox Girls!


The game is completely uncensored on both Steam & Itch.

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