Get Ready, Gamers: PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME’s PS5 CBT Round 2 Is Here!

Netmarble Rolls Out Second Closed Beta Test on PlayStation 5 for EU and NA Regions

CBT Dates and Registration Details

The gaming community is buzzing as Netmarble announces the second Closed Beta Test (CBT) for the eagerly anticipated PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME. Set to dominate PlayStation 5 screens from December 14 through January 7, 2024, the CBT extends its reach to both the United States and Europe. Gamers can lock in their spot by pre-registering on the PARAGON website starting today. Keep an eye on your inbox, as access codes start dropping from December 14.

A Look Back at the First CBT

The first CBT was nothing short of epic. With over 15,000 players diving in, they racked up 60,262 matches and a staggering 164,000 hours of gameplay. That’s nearly two years of non-stop action, signaling an overwhelming success and a community eager for more.

New Heroes Entering the Fray

Leveling up the excitement, the upcoming CBT introduces three new heroes straight from the PC version. Meet Morigesh, Yin, and Marty, with Marty hailing from the South Korean Virtual Girl group MAVE, a marvel of 3D rendering and scanning tech. Get ready to explore new strategies and gameplay dynamics with these additions.

Player-Centric Improvements

Feedback is the game’s lifeblood, and Netmarble has listened. The new CBT brings several player-suggested enhancements, like an alternative D-pad layout for better control, an auto-purchase feature for in-game items, and improvements to the Dual Sense navigation for a seamless gaming experience.

The Game Overview

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME isn’t just a game; it’s a battlefield of strategic maneuvers and high-octane battles. This free-to-play, team-based TPS Action MOBA engages players in 5v5 matches, pitting teams against each other with the goal of territorial domination. Choose your hero – Warrior, Support, Ranger, Caster, Tank, or Assassin – and dive into a world where skill and strategy reign supreme. With full crossplay between PC and PS5, the game promises a bustling matchmaking scene and endless opportunities to team up with friends across platforms.

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is gearing up to set new records with its second CBT. With fresh content, player-focused improvements, and a thriving community, this test is poised to be a game-changer. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to claim your spot in the next big MOBA sensation on PS5!

Paragon: The Overprime Drops Swamp Mystic Morigesh Into the Battleground

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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