Ghoultown Rocks the Weird West: Blood West’s Eerie Collaboration

Hyperstrange and Ghoultown Blend Metal and Western in a Unique Gaming Experience

Hyperstrange’s Metal Legacy Continues

Hyperstrange, the indie FPS guru known for its metal roots, demonstrated in their debut with “ELDERBORN,” is at it again. This time, they’re elevating their wild west horror stealth shooter, Blood West, to new heights. The game, freshly out of Early Access, showcases an unusual alliance with the American viral rock band Ghoultown and the award-winning Smile Studios.

‘I Am The Undead’ – A Musical Odyssey

Together, they’ve birthed “I Am The Undead,” a western heavy metal ballad that encapsulates the tale of a gunslinger’s eternal damnation. The collaboration yields not just a song but a gripping music video that dives deep into the game’s lore.

A Journey Through Ghoultown

The video features a revenant gunslinger traversing the eerie Ghoultown. Ghoultown, blending rock, metal, and Western elements, crafts a cowpunk narrative filled with action, horror, and relentless undead showdowns. The band, featuring Count Lyle, Jake Middlefinger, Lizard Lazario, Santi, Dalton Black, and Randy Graham, performs as spectral entities, perfectly capturing the game’s cursed and macabre atmosphere.

The Game – Blood West

Blood West, more than just a shooter, is an immersive experience combining stealth, FPS, and RPG elements. Players embody a revenant desperado fighting against demonic forces in a cursed frontier. The game promises a story-rich and non-linear adventure filled with daunting challenges and eldritch horrors.

Upcoming Excitement: The Final Chapter

The game’s final chapter is set to release on December 5, introducing a new, perilous mountain region. Adding to the excitement, renowned voice actor Stephen L. Russell, known for Thief and Dishonored 2, joins the cast, enriching this entry in the stealth immersive sim genre.

Blood West: Ready to Conquer Post-Early Access

With an overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam, boasting over 1,600 reviews and a 92% positive rating, Blood West’s full launch is highly anticipated. The game, offering over 20 hours of playtime across its three chapters, is primed to captivate gamers with its unique blend of horror, action, and storytelling.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux

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