Gillette (NYSE: PG), the world’s leading expert in men’s grooming, and Twitch, the leading service and community for multiplayer entertainment, today announced the return of the “Gillette Gaming Alliance,” a team of five Twitch streamers from around the world that will collaborate with Gillette to create content for their fans. This is a continuation of a partnership that began in 2017.

Each of the Alliance members was selected to represent the brand and create customized content to engage with millions of viewers and fans worldwide. The Alliance consists of the biggest Twitch streamers: Dr LupoNateHill, DogDogAlanzoka, and Elded.

In addition, members of the Gillette Gaming Alliance will support the “Bits for Blades” program, which provides fans the opportunity to earn Twitch Bits, a virtual good users can send in chat to support and cheer for their favorite streamers. As a result, Twitch users who buy Gillette products through will enter a unique promo code at check out and will receive an email code following their purchase to redeem their Twitch Bits. This year’s program brings a leveled-up value proposition for consumers, including 2,000 bits for $10+ spent, 5,000 bits for $25+ spent, and 10,000 bits for $50+ spent.

“Gillette is dedicated to providing the tools and support men need to bring their ‘A’ game each and every day,” said Gary Coombe, CEO of Gillette. “We are bringing this spirit to our partnership with Twitch by providing our Alliance members, players, and consumers with a world class grooming routine to help them face the challenges ahead with confidence.”

“It is truly an honor to partner with such a respected brand like Gillette,” said DrLupo. “I look forward to creating content with Gillette, collaborating with them on programs, and in the future working with them on charity streams. I have always admired Gillette and use their products daily, and they truly embody the same values as I do. I can’t wait to get started with the Alliance, Game On.”

Here is the full roster for the 2020 Gillette Gaming Alliance:

  • DrLupo: (Ben Lupo, USA)
    • DrLupo is a streamer and professional Fortnite player who has grown his Twitch community with his outgoing, friendly personality. He is a proponent of giving to charities and has held several charity streams in his tenure. He was named one of the most influential people on the internet by TIME magazine.
    • Twitch (3.5 Million Followers):
  • NateHill (USA):
    • Model-turned pro-player Nate Hill is one of the best pro Fortnite players in the world. He helped FaZe Clan win the Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon 2018. His talents extend beyond gaming. He is a model, a former pro poker player, singer and musician. He is also part of the NFL Thursday Night Football co-streams on Twitch and recently played in the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl at Super Bowl in Miami in January 2020.
    • Twitch (768K Followers):
  • DogDog (USA):
    • DogDog is a professional Hearthstone player for Team Liquid and a top Hearthstone streamer. Known for his great attitude and instructional streams – DogDog has recently seen an explosion in viewership playing the new ‘TeamFightTactics’ with his friends.
    • Twitch (583K Followers):
  • Alanzoka (Brazil)
    • Alanzoka is a variety streamer from Brazil who is known for his sense of humor and high-skilled gameplay. He is a veteran creator on the Twitch platform, with one of the largest community followings.
    • Twitch (2.1 Million Followers):
  • Elded (Mexico)
    • Elded is a well-known Spanish/English content creator, who has been with Twitch since 2009. He is a variety streamer with over 4.8 million subscribers across his social platforms.
    • Twitch (1.5 Million Followers):

“We are honored to work with Gillette to bring back the Gillette Gaming Alliance,” adds Nathan Lindberg, Senior Director, Global Sponsorship at Twitch. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to excite our viewers and fans while further supporting our streamers, and Gillette is the perfect partner for this! We are bringing Bits for Blades back in a bigger and better way in 2020, which is something we’re all very excited about.”

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