Hack-and-Slash RPG ‘Fallen Angel’ Hosting Closed Beta Beginning August 14

Developer Matrioshka Games and V Publishing have announced that the new biblical hack-and-slash game Fallen Angel for Steam will be hosting a closed beta beginning Friday, August 14. Any players interested in participating can join the Fallen Angel Discord channel and will receive a Steam beta code to get a first-look at the game and provide feedback for its development.

In addition to the beta, the title has received updated graphics and gameplay, making for a more cohesive blend of hellish colors as character design.

In this title inspired by John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, players take on the role of Lucifer, the angel that was cast out of Heaven and now seeks vengeance on his Creator and the archangels. Opportunity comes when civil war erupts in Heaven. God has departed without reason, and the archangels left behind fight for dominion to lead Heaven. While the archangels are fighting each other, Lucifer takes to the clouds to wipe out the Heavenly army and take the Mantle of God for himself.

Drawing from the Old Testament, biblical Apocrypha, and a post-modern style, the many realms of Heaven are a strange and varied place. In addition to the classical pearly gates and angelic choirs, Lucifer will be ravaging his way through high-tech constructs, idyllic earth-like plains, floating islands, and more beyond. Each archangel will have a strong, thematic influence on the environments and creatures the player will encounter.

Players are equipped with blades, guns, claws, and their own raw skill to make their way through the realms of Heaven and reach the top. Players can use their preferred fighting styles to take on enemies whether that be head-to-head brute combat, maneuvering with precision and counter-attacks, or relying on ranged weapons to attack from afar. In addition to various fighting tactics, Lucifer can transform into a powerful, demonic rage machine, killing everything in his path.

A full list of features include:

  • An incredible soundtrack to battle through Heaven’s gates and eliminate all archangels that stand in the way to the throne of Heaven.
  • Brutal and seamless combat styles for ground and aerial approaches, including unique combos for players to smash out.
  • Beautiful pixel art and animations with several different flavors of Heaven.
  • Challenging boss fights that re-imagine the marvels of the Old Testament.
  • Full controller support to suit every player’s preferred style.
  • Co-op availability to bring carnage to Heaven with a friend.

Fallen Angel will be coming to Steam in 2020.

Players can access the closed beta by joining the Fallen Angel Discord channel.

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