Harbingers Collection Event: Enter The Dark World of Living Shell Trios and World’s Edge After Dark

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A Nightmarish Turn: Living Shell Trios Makes a Limited Debut

Gamers, get those trigger fingers ready! The Harbingers Collection Event, kicking off from September 19 to October 3, 2023, is bringing a new limited-time mode that’s all about chaos: Living Shell Trios. Fuse is leading the pack as you take control of Rev Shells—grenades that can seek out opponents. Just toss one in the air, and let it hunt down those targets. But heads up, if you’re not quick, your enemies can shoot down these shells for a premature explosion.

Where Light Ends: World’s Edge After Dark

World’s Edge is getting a dark makeover for this event. Now shrouded in mystery and danger, the map introduces eerie versions of your favorite POIs. Take a plunge into the Pain Yard or cozy up by The Tree, but watch out for that lava—it’s not just a MRVN’s worst nightmare.

The Spoils of War: Unlock 24 Limited-Time Cosmetics

Want to slay in style? The event brings 24 new cosmetics, featuring Legendary skins for characters like Fuse and Bloodhound. You can snag these limited-time items by spending Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. And if you’re up for a total loot grab, collecting all the items will unlock Fuse’s heirloom, Razor’s Edge.

Up the Ante: Harbingers Reward Tracker and Store Offers

Grind away with the event’s reward tracker. You can stack up to 1,400 points per day and these points align with your Battle Pass. Looking for additional bundles? Check out the Store tab; it’s updated with offers like the Grave Protector bundle and weekly exclusives running from September 26-29 and September 29-October 3.

Balancing the Scales: Patch Notes Overview

Get ready to adapt your gameplay. The 30-30 Repeater and RE-45 are in the crafter, while the Mozambique and Nemesis are back as floor loot. Balance changes are also hitting legends like Fuse, Horizon, and Rampart, so you might want to rejig those strategies.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Upgrades

The event comes with various bug fixes and improvements, like audio tweaks and adjustments to Bloodhound and Loba’s abilities. There’s also a change in the weapon sorting system in the Firing Range and Black Market to make your life a smidgen easier.

The Final Word

So there you have it, G-LYFE Nation! Gear up for a haunting journey in the Harbingers Collection Event. With new modes, map changes, and cosmetics, it’s an affair you won’t want to miss. Keep those controllers hot and stay frosty!

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Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Android, iOS

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