Harken Ye! The Dragon, The Hare, and The Beast Lair Update Arrives in Inkulinati

The medieval strategy game Inkulinati has just received its highly anticipated second major update. Developed by Yaza Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment, this update brings a host of new features and improvements based on player feedback. Inkulinati, known for its deceptively whimsical appearance, offers a challenging gameplay experience that has captivated players since its release. Let’s delve into the details of this significant update and explore the exciting additions that await players.

New Beasts

The update introduces three new formidable creatures to the Inkulinati world. Players can now encounter the fearsome Hares, larger and more dangerous cousins of Rabbits. Additionally, the Bees, armed with deadly stings and sporting tiny hats, join the ranks of combatants. However, the most powerful beast of them all is the Dragon, a force to be reckoned with and a game-changer in battles.

Beast Lairs and New Battle Type

A fresh addition to the Journey mode is the introduction of Beast Lairs. These Lairs serve as battleground elements from which opposing Beasts periodically emerge. Players must strategically destroy all the Beast Lairs on the Battlefield to secure victory against their adversaries. This new battle type adds an extra layer of complexity and challenge to the game, testing players’ tactical skills.

New Faculty System

With the second major update, players now have the option to select their Faculty when starting the game. The chosen Faculty determines their specialty as an Inkulinati Master, providing unique strategies and synergies tailored to their playstyle. Whether players seek a defensive approach or crave a strategy to defeat opponents, there is a Faculty to cater to their needs. With nine distinct Faculties to choose from, each with its own characteristics, players can explore a variety of gameplay styles.

Gameplay Updates

The update brings a plethora of improvements aimed at enhancing the overall challenge and replayability of Inkulinati. Players who have completed the Journey mode twice can unlock a new Act, expanding the game’s content. Moreover, the addition of leaderboards and a rating system introduces a competitive element to the game, allowing players to compare their performance with others. The update also introduces new Non-Battle Locations, including the Alchemist and the Princess, offering additional encounters and events to enrich the game’s narrative. Furthermore, new hand actions have been implemented, further diversifying the strategic options available to players.

Discount and Availability

To commemorate the release of the second major update, Inkulinati will be available at a 30% discount during the Steam Midweek Madness sale. The discount will be applicable from Monday, June 5th at 10 am PDT until Thursday, June 8th at 10 am PDT. Players can enjoy the updated version of the game on Xbox One and Series X|S through Xbox Game Preview and Game Pass. Additionally, the update is available on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access, GOG Early Access, and the Microsoft Store (for PC only).

Yaza Games and Daedalic Entertainment have answered the pleas of the Inkulinati community with the release of the game’s second major update. The introduction of new Beasts, the inclusion of Beast Lairs, the Faculty system, and various gameplay updates enhance the depth and challenge of the medieval strategy game. Players can now engage in even more captivating battles and explore unique strategies tailored to their preferences. With the discount available during the Steam Midweek Madness sale, this is an ideal time to embark on the Inkulinati journey.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

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