Hellsweeper VR Unleashes Hellish VR Gaming Experience with Release Date Announcement and Demo

Prepare for an unholy fusion of horror and virtual reality as Hellsweeper VR tears open the gates of hell. Developed by the creators of Sairento VR and published by Vertigo Games, Hellsweeper VR promises an exhilarating descent into the depths of the underworld. With intense combat, gravity-defying acrobatics, and demonic forces to vanquish, this game is set to redefine the VR gaming experience. In this article, we explore the release date announcement, the availability of a free demo, and the exciting features awaiting players in Hellsweeper VR.

The Damned Rise on September 21st: Hellsweeper VR Announces Release Date + Free Demo on June 19th

The creators of Sairento VR and publisher Vertigo Games are set to release Hellsweeper VR, immersing gamers in a purgatorial experience like no other. The highly anticipated release is scheduled for September 21st, when players will don the role of Hellsweepers, a purgatorial force tasked with cleansing hell of its demonic inhabitants.

But the wait is not without solace. Prior to the official release, players can get a taste of Hellsweeper VR by participating in the public demo during the Steam Next Fest from June 19th to 26th. The demo will provide a glimpse into the abyss, allowing players to explore the game’s mechanics, visuals, and atmosphere.

Pre-order and Extra Perks

Players who are eager to join the ranks of the Hellsweepers can pre-order the game now on Steam. By pre-ordering, they will gain access to exclusive in-game items, including the ‘Hound’ and ‘Shadow’ masks. Additionally, pre-orders for PS VR 2 and Meta Quest 2 will be available soon, expanding the accessibility of Hellsweeper VR to a wider audience.

An Immersive Fall into Damnation

Hellsweeper VR is set to release on September 21st for Steam VR, PS VR 2, and Meta Quest 2. However, players don’t have to wait until then to experience the full offering. The Steam Next Fest Demo, available from June 19th to 26th, will showcase all the game modes, weapons, magic, and five different maps players can explore.

Digital Deluxe Edition

For those seeking a deeper dive into the grim universe of Hellsweeper VR, the Digital Deluxe edition offers exclusive extras. Immerse yourself in the haunting atmosphere with a digital art book, find solace in the presence of your mystic hound companion, and enhance your experience with a chilling soundtrack that perfectly complements the eerie adventure. To learn more about the Digital Deluxe edition, follow the provided link.

Key Features of Hellsweeper VR

    1. Intense Limitless Movement: Move with supernatural speed and precision, executing gravity-defying backflips, wall runs, and more to navigate through hordes of grotesque enemies.
    2. Master Your Combat Style: Each Hellsweeper is a unique entity. Wield a variety of weapons with deadly precision, harness the forces of telekinesis, and unleash unimaginable powers to annihilate your foes.
    3. Faithful Hellhound Companion: Amidst the ceaseless chaos of hell, find solace in the unwavering loyalty of your hellhound companion. Together, embark on a nightmarish journey, overcoming challenges and fighting side by side.
    4. Survive in Various Game Modes: Engage in different game modes, including Roguelike mode, Tower mode, and Sandbox mode. Venture alone into the abyss or join forces with fellow Hellsweepers in co-op mode, as you strive to survive the torment of Hell in its various forms.
    5. Content-Rich Experience with High Replayability: Hell is a vast and infinitely changeable realm. With each venture into the abyss, players will uncover new horrors and face unique trials, ensuring a sinfully rich gaming experience that beckons their return time and again.

Pre-Order Now:

To secure your place among the Hellsweepers, pre-order Hellsweeper VR now on Steam VR. Keep an eye out for pre-orders on PS VR 2 and Meta Quest 2, which will be available soon, expanding the options for players to dive into the fiery depths of the game.

Platforms: Steam VR, PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 2

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