Here are the Details on PUBG Mobiles New Royale Pass System

Fans of PUBG MOBILE are today able to enjoy the start of a whole new content cycle system with the launch of the new and improved Royale Pass Month (RPM) rewards service.

Going forward, seasons will now be unified into a Cycle to encompass the schedule of overarching themes the game is set to go through, bringing a whole new experience for PUBG MOBILE players.

In line with this change, the current Royale Pass will be replaced by the Royale Pass Month. Each RPM will run for one month only with players able to look forward to new monthly in-game challenges and rewards with Royale Pass Month 1: Tek Era available to purchase now at a price of 360UC. You can see the Royale Pass Month 1 Tek Era trailer here.

Features include:

  • An exclusive welcome gift for players accessing the new RPM for the first time
  • Free in-game gifts for each new RPM rank achieved
  • Free 60UC voucher to spend for the next season once players reach RPM rank 30 each month
  • Free Mythic Set and Legendary weapon awarded at max RPM rank 50
  • Bonus RPM points awarded at the end of every monthly season

Beginning from Jul 14th, 2021 the Cycle 1 Season 1 will see the inclusion of a new Challenge Point System that will evaluate player’s actions and award bonuses for positive behavior such as completing games (and not quitting) or avoiding friendly fire.

Extra challenge points will be awarded for completing the first match of each new day; however, if players lose a match while they have Challenge Points, they will automatically lose points according to their tier. The higher the tier, the more points they can lose.

Challenge Points cannot be accumulated once the maximum of points has been reached and the points cannot be carried over into new seasons.

A number of additional updates have also been implemented including:

  • Max RPM rank has been reduced from 100 to 50 without a reduction in rewards given
  • A new Cycle reward system that allows players to get rewards for collecting all the badges of the same level in the same Cycle
  • Challenge mission duration has been slashed from 8 weeks to 4 weeks
  • New Silver tier rewards
  • Further rewards have been added for the subdivisions of the Ace tier and increased numbers of rewards available for mini tiers

At the end of the current season (S19), special missions will be available to give players the chance to earn bonus points for the next season in advance.

Royale Pass Month 1: Tek Era will run from July 14th until August 12th followed by the launch of Month 2: Project T on August 13th, 2021.

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