Hojo Studio Drops the Deets on “The Godfeather” and Exclusive Chat with Flyin’ De Palma

Get ready to mark your calendars, gamers! Hojo Studio just announced the impending launch of their latest title, The Godfeather. This ain’t your average bird game; we’re talking a mafia pigeon saga here! Dive into the action on October 6 when the game swoops onto Steam.

The Godfeather: Birds, Bullets, and Brutal Bosses

Set to make its grand debut at PAX Australia and officially spread its wings at SXSW Sydney 2023, The Godfeather is aiming to ruffle some feathers. This isn’t just another bird simulator; it’s a combo of frenzied action, covert operations, and story-rich exploration. With levels that generate dynamically, the game will bring players a range of unique targets and hazards that demand quick thinking and rapid reflexes.

The Pigeon Underworld: Your Nest or the Next Target?

As an up-and-coming hotshot in the pigeon mafia, your tasks come straight from the HQ. Prepare to face savage bosses that’ll put your gameplaying skills to the ultimate test. Whether it’s a mission to recon or a full-out assault, you’re the bird for the job.

Navigate Your Turf: A Flyin’ Combat Zone

The game takes you through diverse locations—from The Suburbs to The Boidwalk to The Town. But don’t get too comfy; Anti-Pigeon Drones and other threats lurk in these domains. Ever had to avoid a lawn-Karen while executing a mission? Now’s your chance.

Customization and Upgrades: Make Your Pigeon the Don Corleone of Birds

Your adventures aren’t just about dodging cats and drones; there’s some loot to be found too. Dumpster-diving is not just for survival; it’s how you reload your poop ammo and score upgrades for your pigeon skills. Want to look fly while dodging enemies? Get your glow-up with customizable pigeon features.

Coming Soon to Multiple Platforms

Eager to join the flock? Hold tight. While PC users can dive in on October 6, Nintendo Switch and mobile users will have to perch a while longer—these versions are slated for an early 2024 release.

So there you have it, G-LYFE Nation! Hojo Studio is setting the stage for a high-flying, poop-slinging, action-packed gaming experience with The Godfeather. Keep an eye out for more updates as we approach the official release date.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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