Open Wheel Manager 2 Speeds Into Early Access This October

Hold onto your joysticks, race fans! MicroProse, a name you probably recognize from strategy and sim games, is launching Open Wheel Manager 2 into early access on October 24. This isn’t your ordinary racer—it’s a strategic delve into the world of open-wheel racing management.

Be the Boss, Make the Calls

In Open Wheel Manager 2, the pit lane is your playground and the team garage your castle. You’re not just watching cars go vroom; you’re the maestro conducting an orchestra of engineers, drivers, and cutting-edge tech. Every decision, from tire compounds to sponsorship deals, is a gear in your finely-tuned machine, affecting your race day outcome.

Secure That Bag for Track Domination

If you’re gonna cruise into the winner’s circle, you’ll need the bank to back it. Find those sweet sponsorship deals to fund your championship dreams. It’s not just about going fast; it’s about the smart plays that elevate your team’s game.

Build or Boost: Your Legacy Awaits

Already got a team that’s the stuff of legends? Keep that momentum going. Starting fresh? Time to hustle your way to the top. Your resource game better be strong—you’ve got facilities to upgrade and car specs to finesse. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for top-tier talent, both behind the wheel and behind the desk.

Progress Ain’t Just a Buzzword

Don’t sleep on experience; in Open Wheel Manager 2, it’s currency. Drivers and staff level up, gaining new skills to add to your toolbox. As old pros take on fresh challenges and newbies climb the ranks, you’ll find layers of strategy that keep you coming back.

Pick Your View, Feel the Thrill

Whether you’re into the 3D Raceview, prefer an old-school 2D layout, or just want to hit ‘skip’ and check the stats, Open Wheel Manager 2 has you covered. Don’t underestimate the dynamic commentary—it’ll spotlight those make-or-break moments, making each race a story in itself.

October 24: Mark the Date, Race Fans

Open Wheel Manager 2 drops the green flag on Steam for PC gamers this October 24. Are you ready to face the asphalt jungle, make those clutch decisions, and etch your name on the championship trophy? The rubber’s about to meet the road, and the race for domination is on.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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