How and Why AI helping to develop online casinos

It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence has been gaining widespread adoption within various industries. Most businesses invest heavily in implementing AI functions in their daily operations, and the gambling industry is at the forefront of the movement. The link between AI and gambling came to public attention after the Carnegie Mellon Liberatus AI defeated some of the greatest poker minds over multiple heads-up NLHE sessions. While the poker battle has been heavily publicized, it might come as a surprise to find out how online casinos are implementing AI in their day-to-day operations. Let’s see how AI improves punters’ gambling experience while increasing revenue and player count for casino operators.

Casino Customer Support

If you are actively gambling, then it is highly probable that you have already interacted with an AI-powered chatbot. The bots are using Natural Learning Processing to better interact with customers, and they have been steadily improving. The casino operators favor them because of lower costs when compared to customer service agents, primarily when they are operating with less common languages. More and more online casino websites in Nederland are making great use of AI chatbots that shine when it comes to straightforward tasks, and Dutch gamblers have grown to appreciate them. Machines can learn much faster than humans, and improvements in chatbot development will undoubtedly continue to offer a great customer experience. While AI chatbots are unable to interpret emotions, they do provide the following invaluable advantages:

  • 24/7 availability.
  • Real-time instant communication.
  • Data collection and cost savings

Ensuring Responsible Gambling

Gambling operators are fighting an ongoing battle against gambling addiction through responsible gambling campaigns and better identifying at-risk players. While solid improvements have been made over the previous years, it should come as no surprise that AI played an essential role through earlier detection. AI tools can analyze gambling data and identify problem behavior that is immediately reported to the gambling operators. The flagged accounts can be suspended or permanently banned while the player receives help immediately to avoid severe gambling addiction.

Early gambling addiction detection is beneficial to both parties as casinos avoid negative press while the gamblers receive much-needed counseling. Similar AI systems have also been used to detect underage gambling much faster than before, keeping casino operators safe from legal repercussions. Playtech’s BetBuddy has successfully used sophisticated algorithms coupled with neural networks to detect problem gambling in real-time and has seen wide adoption within the gambling industry. The tool can interact directly with problematic gamblers, and thanks to the messaging capabilities, it lets players know for how long they have been gambling and promotes breaks when appropriate. The gambling operator is also notified whenever BetBuddy has identified problem behavior to take further action as needed.

Cheating Prevention

Similar to how gamblers need assistance in gambling addiction, we observe the same need for casinos when it comes to cheating players. Data analysis and AI’s learning capabilities can identify cheating tendencies allowing casinos to terminate fraudulent accounts before they cause significant harm. However, AI technology can be a double-edged sword as cheaters have their own AI bots that quickly exploit any security breaches. Unfortunately, online casinos have a much harder time keeping an eye out for cheaters when compared to the brick-and-mortar establishments that can use CCTV cameras and vigilant staff.

It is in everyone’s interest that such cheating schemes are nipped in the bud, given that honest players are affected based on the casino game they play. Having a cheater in a multiplayer live dealer game could be disastrous. Online casinos have to react immediately to protect the players who follow the rules and their profit margins. Overall, it becomes a battle between the fraudulent player’s AI bots and the ones used by the online casino. Fortunately, online casino operators are investing heavily in hacking prevention methods and are emerging victorious more often than not.

Better Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Online casinos are notorious for leveraging data to provide customers with engaging deals that increase their revenues. They can create a personalized gambling experience that provides tailor-made deals according to player tendencies using relevant data. Data can provide invaluable insight into the gambling industry, and it should come as no surprise that leading online casinos are heavily invested in figuring out profitable patterns. AI can flawlessly predict trends that would go unnoticed by the human brain. However, while we pointed out that AI can help with gambling addiction, it can, unfortunately, use the same data to provide gambling addicts with deals they cannot turn down. Such scenarios are possible when players accept terms and conditions that allow gambling operators to use their data against them legally.


AI has managed to have an immense impact on online gambling, and it’s safe to say that we are in the developing stages of adoption. AI offers irreplaceable advantages when it comes to gambling addiction and fraud prevention, and we are confident that it will be adopted into even more fields. Overall, through AI development, we expect the gambling experience to become highly personalized to provide players with precisely what they were craving. Accessibility and comfort are all but guaranteed when the online casino will showcase your favorite video slot the moment you open their website. While we cannot know where online casinos are using AI technology, it becomes safer to assume that it is used all around us.

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