HumanitZ Drops in Steam Early Access: Prep for Post-Zeek Madness

Yo, listen up G-LYFE Nation! Time to get those go-bags ready and survival instincts honed. “HumanitZ,” the open-world survival game that’s more brutal than a console war, is set to make its mark on Steam Early Access on September 18, 2023. Developed by Yodubzz Studios and Freedom Games, this ain’t just another zombie flick; it’s a whole vibe.

A Fresh Plate of Survival Mechanics and Customization

If you’re looking for that perfect blend of survival game and RPG elements, “HumanitZ” delivers. Players can expect to morph into customizable survivors. You’re not just spamming that “loot” button; you’re crafting gear, securing shelter, and making sure your base ain’t just another smorgasbord for zeeks.

Rollin’ with Your Squad

Solo play? Nah, man. “HumanitZ” offers online co-op where you and your crew can go HAM on hordes of undead. From the slow-moving grannies to Usain Bolt-style zeeks, each comes with its own set of challenges that’ll make you reconsider going on that midnight supply run.

All About That Scavenger Lyfe

Ain’t no two ways about it, resources are scarce. The world of “HumanitZ” is constantly changing, forcing players to adapt or become zeek chow. Be prepared to scrap for every bolt and bandage while keeping tabs on ever-shifting weather conditions. The game lets you fine-tune those stats and craft items crucial for holding your ground against relentless undead swarms.

Go Big or Go Home: Permadeath Mode

For those of you who think “Survival Mode” is for casuals, “HumanitZ” introduces Permadeath Mode. Mess up? Game over. No extra lives, no take-backs. So if you’re looking to flex those gaming muscles, this is where the real test lies.

Community-Centric Focus

Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing at Freedom Games, couldn’t be more hyped. “We’re looking forward to hearing how the community thrives and survives in this unforgiving open world environment – these hordes are never-ending, so get out there and begin the fight for post-apocalyptic normalcy!”

Mark the Calendar

Just so y’all don’t forget amidst the chaos, “HumanitZ” is hitting PCs via Steam Early Access on September 18, 2023. Mark it, set a reminder, do what you gotta do, because this is one survival adventure you won’t wanna sleep on.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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