Humble Games and Crema Drop Temtem Season 5: Endless Night

Get ready, Tamers! Humble Games and Crema have pulled back the curtain on Season 5 of their blockbuster creature collector, Temtem. Now available across Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Humble Store and Steam, “Endless Night” promises to bring darkness and mystery to the Airborne Archipelago.

Dive into the Shadows with New Trailer

Eager to peep what’s lurking in the dark? A fresh trailer showcasing “Endless Night” is available, giving players a glimpse into the new content, features, and challenges coming to Temtem.

Mythical Temtem, Fiery Inferno, and New Lair Unveiled

Holding the title for the third and final Mythical Temtem, a new enigmatic creature graces the game, accompanied by the Fiery Inferno route. Tamers ready to feel the heat can venture into this new space, battling against Inferno’s guardians and unlocking the secrets of a freshly crafted Mythical Lair with revamped mechanics.

Test Your Skills with Randomized Challenge Mode

Want to keep things unpredictable? Season 5 introduces a Randomized Challenge Mode. In this mode, Temtem, abilities, and items get a random shake-up, offering a unique gameplay experience for seasoned and newbie Tamers alike.

Casual Dojo Rematches: A Fresh Way to Spar

For players keen to refine their skills without too much pressure, Season 5 offers Casual Dojo Rematches. This feature allows players a more laid-back approach to facing off against the legendary Dojo leaders, prepping them for future high-stakes encounters.

The Arrival of Umbras: A New Temtem Species

As the cherry on top, a mysterious new Temtem species known as Umbras awaits players who manage to navigate through the shadowy depths of “Endless Night.”

That’s the scoop, G-LYFE Nation! Keep those eyes peeled and those TemCards ready as you dive into the endless possibilities of “Endless Night.”

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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