HYTE Teams Up with Watson Amelia for Exclusive Y40 Case Bundle

Unleash the Detective Within with Limited-Edition PC Gear

Epic Collaboration Alert!

HYTE, a frontrunner in the PC component game, is dropping something epic. They’re teaming up with Watson Amelia from hololive English -Myth-, represented by the renowned VTuber agency COVER Corporation, for a mind-blowing collab. We’re talking about the special Watson Amelia Y40 Case Bundle, y’all. It’s more than just a case; it’s a treasure trove of goodies for the Teamates of Ame-chan.

What’s in the Box?

King Perez de Tagle, the marketing boss at HYTE, spills the deets. The bundle packs a custom Y40 PC Case, a Bubba Plush Keychain, an Investigators Notepad, and more. This ain’t your average case – it’s a tribute to Watson Amelia, decked out in Warm Sunbeam yellow. With art from Rosuuri and Walfie, including “Smol Ame,” this case is a visual feast.

Watson Amelia’s Seal of Approval

The famous VTuber herself is over the moon. Watson Amelia is all praises for the cute overload and the plushy Bubba. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want a plushy sidekick for their gaming setup?

Score Exclusive Swag

Each Watson Amelia Y40 Bundle is stacked with extras. Expect a certificate of authenticity, an acrylic magnifying glass keychain, an enamel pocket watch, “Bubba” plush keychain, Investigators notepad, sticker sheet, Watson Amelia wall scroll, desk pad, and custom cable sleeves. This is legit the ultimate fan kit.

Grab It While You Can

Ready to cop? The HYTE Watson Amelia Y40 Bundle is up for pre-order in the U.S. and Canada, starting at $279.99 USD. Global gaming fam, you’re up in Q1 2024. Don’t sleep on this – it’s a limited-edition drop!

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