ININvasion Unleashed on Xbox: Classic Gaming Reloaded!

ININ Drops Six Retro Bangers on Xbox - A Nostalgic Blast from December 7th!

ININvasion Alert: Classic Gaming Hits Xbox!

It’s a blast from the past as ININ gears up to drop a bomb on Xbox, starting December 7th! With an arsenal of six retro classics, ININ is reviving the glory days of gaming. Gamers, brace yourselves for a nostalgic ININvasion!

Pocky & Rocky: Reshrined – A Retro Revival

Gear up for the return of Pocky & Rocky! This legendary shoot’em up series from NatsumeAtari and Tengo Project is making a grand entrance to the Xbox scene. Get ready to blast through monstrous hordes in this epic sequel, dropping on December 7, 2023.

Irem Collection Vol. 1 – A Blast from the Arcade Past

Xbox gamers, prepare to dive into the golden age of arcades with Irem Collection Vol. 1! This collection is a tribute to Irem Corporation’s classic SHMUPs. Get ready to fight aliens and challenge your skills with titles like Image Fight 1, Image Fight 2, and X-Multiply, coming your way on December 7, 2023.

ININ Gems – Four More Retro Classics

Alongside Pocky & Rocky Reshrined and Irem Collection Volume 1, ININ is dropping four more classic gems, each priced at a nostalgic $9.99. Read on to discover these timeless treasures releasing on December 7.

Clockwork Aquario – Lost Treasure Rediscovered

Experience Clockwork Aquario, the long-lost arcade gem and holder of a Guinness World Record for the longest game development time. Choose from unique characters and dive into a pixelated fantasy world, now on Xbox!

ULTRACORE – 16-bit Run ‘n Gun Perfection

ULTRACORE, the authentic 16-bit Run ‘n Gun, is finally blasting its way onto Xbox. With intricate levels and boss battles, this lost classic from the 90s has been revived for modern gamers.

Cotton 100% – Side-Scrolling Magic Awaits

Jump on your broomstick in Cotton 100%, a whimsical side-scroller filled with magic and adventure. Play as Cotton and Silk, and light up the Xbox skies starting December 7, 2023.

Panorama Cotton – A Mega Drive Legend Returns

Panorama Cotton, a milestone in the Mega Drive/Genesis era, is coming to Xbox. Join Nata de Cotton and Silk in this visually stunning third-person shooter, and relive the magic of this iconic franchise.

The ININvasion on Xbox is just the beginning. These six gaming classics are set to rock the Xbox world, bringing back the golden era of gaming in full force. Mark your calendars for December 7th, and get ready to game like it’s the 90s again!

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