Join the Largest Festival of Elsword for the Year – Harmony Festival

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is holding its annual celebratory event – The Harmony Festival. This Festival occurs every year around October and provides players with a chance to unwind with tons of once-a-year freebies, events and more.

First, get into the Festive Mood with a special title just for the Harmony Festival, ‘Wise Peace Maker’ that will be given out every week for 4 weeks which grants players coveted stats including Adaptation, Physical/Magical Attack Power and EXP Gain.

Relax by the Harmony Festival Bonfire which provides powerful buffs for dungeons while enjoying the exclusive Harmony Festival delicacies including the signature Harmony Festival Pie. The Harmony Festival Pie is a unique consumable item that’s free which players can stock up on without limit – so don’t miss out this free resource.

For players that want more action, the Harmony Festival opens up Secret Dungeon, Heroic Dungeon and Elrianode Dungeons by taking away their entry requirements allowing free and unlimited entries. This means that you’ll be able to farm your favorite dungeons for Equipment, Titles, El Tears and more. In addition, get a Crimson Trace Reset Ticket each week to get more rewards from the Varnimyr Raids during the Harmony Festival.

There are also additional rewards for participating in the festivities with event quests awarding Harmony Tickets which can be exchanged at the Harmony Store for Event Prizes including exclusive Harmony Festival Ceremonial Robes, Spectral Amethyst, Sage Stones and more.

And the Harmony Festival is just beginning! The festivities begin today October 7th and until November 3rd. With more festivities, events and rewards opening up as the Harmony Festival continues, players will not want to miss out. So login now and don’t miss out on the biggest annual festival in Elsword.

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