Kabam Levels Up Marvel Contest of Champions with Iron Man Overhaul and Fan-Picked Gladiator

Marvel Contest of Champions is leveling up, folks! Kabam, the game’s developer, is dropping some serious updates. The iconic Iron Man gets a next-gen facelift, and Gladiator makes his fan-voted debut in the mobile fighting arena. Mark your calendars because these Champions are set to raise the bar for gaming goodness.

Iron Man Gets a Power-Up: Fresh Armor and Abilities Await

You read it right, gamers! Iron Man is getting the remaster treatment. Introduced back in 2014, this Champion now sports shiny new armor, killer animations, and a completely revamped set of abilities. For players who’ve already got Iron Man in their roster, expect the upgrade to hit on September 5. The rest of the gaming world can catch this revamped hero on September 28 after updating to v41.1.

Ascension Feature Unleashed: Power-Up Your Champions

Gameplay is about to get real spicy. Beginning September 6, an all-new Ascension feature lets players take their 4, 5, and 6-Star Champions to even greater heights. Primordial Dust is the name of the game here, a fresh resource you’ll be using to juice up your heroes. So, who’s ready to break some power ceilings?

Gladiator Enters The Contest: Fan-Voted Champion Joins the Fray

Kallark of Strontia, known as Gladiator, has been voted in by the gaming community. A renowned leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Gladiator is the bodyguard to the Shi’ar Majestor and Majestrix and is poised to be a powerhouse in the Battlerealm. Keep an eye out; this celestial hero becomes available on September 14.

Baron Zemo Threat Returns: Heroes Unite Against the ISO-Sphere

If you thought battling was intense before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Baron Zemo returns with his perfected ISO-Sphere, setting his sights on conquering the Battlerealm. It’s up to Iron Man and Gladiator to keep the evil genius at bay. Will they succeed, or will the ISO-Sphere’s power prove too much?

More to Add to the Roster: Over 250 Champions to Choose From

Don’t forget, the Contest isn’t just about Iron Man and Gladiator. With over 250 Champions available, players can assemble a roster of iconic heroes and villains, from Captain America and Hulk to Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch. The more the merrier, am I right?

Key Dates to Remember: When to Get Your Hands on New Content

  • September 5: Existing Iron Man owners get the remastered version.
  • September 6: Ascension feature goes live.
  • September 14: Gladiator becomes available.
  • September 28: Remastered Iron Man available for all players.

So there it is, G-LYFE Nation. Gear up for an epic September in Marvel Contest of Champions. With fresh updates and new Champions, the Battlerealm awaits your prowess. Keep grinding and game on!

Platforms: Android, iOS

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