LONESTAR’s Stellar Arrival: Get Ready to Conquer the Cosmos One Deck at a Time

Yo, G-LYFE Nation! Time to get your head in the stars ’cause Math Tide and Thermite Games just dropped some knowledge. Say hello to LONESTAR, an upcoming indie gem that’s ’bout to change the way you think about strategic roguelike deckbuilding games.

The Bounty Hunter’s Galaxy: Where Cunning Meets Deckbuilding

In LONESTAR, you ain’t just a wanderer; you’re a fearless bounty hunter. Zip through space to track down the baddest outlaws the universe has to offer. Your spaceship? Think of it as your cosmic crib, where your smarts are your superpower.

Unveiling the Gameplay Dynamics: Deckbuilding in Zero Gravity

You know those old-school deckbuilders? Throw ’em out the airlock. LONESTAR’s got a dynamic system where strategy and roguelike elements coexist. Deck out your spaceship with units—each with unique abilities. Use Energy Resources to power up, represented by colored cards with numerical values.

Shockwave Skirmishes: Every Card Counts

Ready for some high-stakes encounters? It’s not just about who has the bigger gun, but who plays the smarter card. Get your strategy on point to inflict the most damage. And if luck ain’t on your side, you’re gonna feel the burn in return.

Unlockable Pilots: Choose Your Cosmic Wingman

LONESTAR isn’t just a solo gig. You’ll unlock a variety of pilots, each with abilities that can shift the balance. Pick your wingman wisely and adapt your strategy to rake in those space wins.

Leveling Up in Space: Grow Your Arsenal and Your Legend

Celebrate your victories with resource gains and strategy tweaks. Your spaceship grows with you, and so does your status as a legendary bounty hunter. Conquer challenges, collect Star Coins, and deck out your spaceship to become a true legend of the cosmos.

Cosmic Rewards: Because Every Bounty Hunter Needs a Treasure Chest

Survived another battle? Enjoy some downtime with diverse events that grant precious resources and Star Coins. Plan your next move and gear up for the challenges that await you in the great cosmic unknown.

Keep an eye out for LONESTAR when it launches on Steam and prepare to embark on the most exhilarating bounty-hunting expedition across the universe.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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