New Trailer Drops for Just a Chest, the JRPG Where You Play as a Treasure Chest

Yo, gamers, ready for something completely off the chain? Gamera Games and 42Teaparty just rolled out a fresh trailer for their upcoming non-linear JRPG, Just a Chest. Forget knights, mages, and dragons—this time you’re stepping into the… hinges of a treasure chest? That’s right, meet Isaac, a loot box with legs, on a quest that flips the script on conventional RPG narratives.

Adventure Beckons for Isaac and His Unlikely Squad

Isaac ain’t your standard hero. This treasure chest is teaming up with a posse of non-traditional buddies, including a cat, a slime, and an amnesiac prince. Players can throw their lot in with either humans or monsters, or keep it neutral and just roll with whatever comes. The storyline morphs based on these choices, so buckle up for a ride through three entirely unique narratives.

A Dynamic Game World with Evolving NPC Dialogues

Dialogue in Just a Chest ain’t static. As the plot moves, the NPCs around you change up what they’re saying to fit the storyline. You ain’t just watching a tale unfold—you’re part of a living, breathing fantasy world.

Self-Sufficient Chest Mechanics, Because Why Not?

What’s in the box? That’s for Isaac to know and for you to find out! Our chesty hero produces the gear and loot needed for his adventures. From cash to weapons, Isaac’s got it covered. With each XP boost, Isaac ups his crafting game, dishing out more practical and varied items as you go.

Developer Cred That Stands Up

42Teaparty, the brainiacs behind this unorthodox journey, have a solid track record. Known for killer titles like JiongHun, An NPC’s Odessey, and Things as They Are, the devs are no strangers to success. Just a Chest promises to be another notch in their belt of radness.

Tokyo Game Show 2023 to Feature Just a Chest

This loony bin of an RPG is slated for a preview at Tokyo Game Show 2023. Players there will get a sneak peek into Isaac’s journey, and experience firsthand the choices that will define the human and monster paths.

Key Features to Look Out For

  • Craft and generate items with Isaac’s built-in loot system
  • Experience diverging storylines based on alignment choices
  • Dynamic NPC dialogues that evolve with the storyline

No cap, if you’re itching for a JRPG that’s anything but standard, keep your eyes peeled for Just a Chest. It’s slated to support Chinese, Japanese, and English, so this treasure ain’t restricted to any single fanbase. Stay tuned for more updates, G-LYFE Nation!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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