Lords of Exile: A Retro-Inspired Samurai Platformer Adventure for Gaming Enthusiasts!

PID Games publishing label and co-publisher PixelHeart have joined forces with Squidbit Works, an indie game development studio, to transport players back to the golden age of 8-bit side-scrolling action platformers. Their collaborative effort brings forth a highly anticipated game, Lords of Exile, which is set to release this year on PC and consoles. To further entice eager gamers, a Steam Demo for Lords of Exile will be available during the Steam Next Fest 2023, taking place from June 19th to June 26th.

For those eagerly awaiting the release date of Lords of Exile, both fans and newcomers alike can find solace in the fact that updates and announcements are on the horizon. However, before the official launch, mark your calendars and be sure to attend the Steam Next Fest 2023. It’s an opportunity to get an exclusive sneak peek of the game’s thrilling action through the Steam Demo.


Immerse yourself in the ancient times of war in the Far East, where the lands of Exilia were infested with creatures of the night and fearsome samurais. Amidst this merciless conflict, only a bloodthirsty cursed knight possesses the potential to restore hope and eradicate the encroaching darkness.


Embark on an adventure across 8 levels, each showcasing classic linear design with challenging obstacles and formidable enemies. Conquer each level to face off against a powerful boss, putting your skills to the ultimate test. As Gabriel, your prowess in combat will be rewarded with an additional skill after defeating each boss, enabling you to advance further and take on even greater challenges.

Gameplay Variety

Prepare yourself for a diverse range of gameplay mechanics, including the ability to throw weapons, engage in melee combat, perform devastating down stabs, execute precise jumps, and execute swift dashes. Unlock Gabriel’s curse to harness enhanced abilities and elevate your combat prowess. Play as both Gabriel and Lyria, each offering a unique and distinct gameplay experience, ensuring endless replayability. Moreover, once you have completed the game with Gabriel, unlock two additional game modes: Speedrunner mode and Boss Rush mode. The cherry on top is the freedom to play both modes with either Gabriel or Lyria, amplifying variety and fun.

Retro-Aesthetic and Sound Design

Relive the glory days of classic gaming through the immersive retro-inspired 16-bit physics and meticulously polished controls of Lords of Exile. Delight in the game’s stunning handcrafted 8-bit pixel art, complemented by fast-paced anime-style animations. The 8-bit sound effects and original soundtrack, enriched with sounds from the iconic Megadrive sound chip, further solidify the nostalgic experience.

Lords of Exile aims to transport players to a bygone era of gaming, evoking nostalgia while providing a fresh and captivating experience. With its retro-inspired aesthetics, thrilling gameplay, and a variety of challenges, this action-packed platformer is poised to captivate the hearts of gamers across different platforms. Stay tuned for more updates on the official release date and prepare to embark on a journey that combines the spirit of samurais with the essence of retrogaming.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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