MapleStory M Summer Content Update Delivers New Dungeon Boss, New Areas & More!

MapleStory M, Nexon’s free-to-play, massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android, is ringing in the summer with the arrival of a new dungeon boss, limited-time events and additional areas for players to explore.

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This update delivers an array of new experiences and improvements including a character rebalance for the nine main classes and a max level extension from level 200 to level 220. Based on the level extension, players will be able to experience two new hunting fields, the Ellin Forest and the Dead Mine.

“Pierre” is also revealed as the second dungeon boss in the Root Abyss Expedition unleashing different attacks based on his Red or Blue Pierre mode. Players who complete the Root Abyss Expedition will receive a special reward which grants additional equipment power and unlocks the Root Abyss exchange currency allowing them to buy exclusive Root Abyss equipment and buff items.

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The update will also introduce a selection of limited-time events including:

  • Lotus Leaf Collection Event: Until July 1, this event allows players to collect lotus leaves while hunting on the open field. Players will be rewarded with items that will help them collect experience, as well as a special Cody item.
  • Surprise M Attendance Sheet Event: From July 8 to July 27, a special attendance sheet will be activated from the day of a player’s first log-in for 14 days. Players will receive rewards that will help them collect experience points, level up equipment and receive a special Cody item.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Mini-Event: From July 15 to July 28, Maplers will be able to participate three times a day in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and earn coins. Players can reap rewards that can help them collect experience points, level up equipment and receive a special Cody item.

Next month, MapleStory M will be celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary with special updates.

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