Medieval Noble Simulation Strategy Title Noble’s Life: Kingdom Reborn Playtests Begin

In this 3D FPP production, the player becomes a French aristocrat during the Hundred Years’ War, whose lands have been plundered. His duty is to rebuild, develop and prepare his estate for further war while finding his unique ruling style.

You play the role of a single noble, not an omnipotent entity with control over each subject. Therefore, control your estates by imposing or lowering taxes, organizing military conscription among the population, employing specialists, financing various projects, settling disputes, and negotiating with various factions or local magnates. Increase your prestige by organizing balls, festivals, or tournaments. Find your ruling style!

Decide what kind of ruler you want to be. Each path will give you access to different types of investments, units, diplomatic options, and ways to deal with problems.

A battle-hardened raider, a saintly paladin with the support of the Church, a skillful diplomat with allies, a wealthy, enterprising aristocrat who can afford mercenaries, an alchemist ruler, a mad sadist magnate, and a carefree swagger are just some of the paths to follow.

There is a war going on, so the enemy will come to your gates sooner or later. May you be ready! Order recruits to train, turn them into loyal soldiers, pay for the construction of defense machines, invest in fortifications, and prepare a detailed plan to defend the city.

Additionally, when the enemy approaches the city and prepares to conquer it by attacking the walls, you personally manage the defense.

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