My Pet Hooligan Hops Onto Epic Games Store, Teams Up with Prime Gaming

If you’ve been itching for a fresh gaming experience that mixes animated bunnies with high-stakes action, today’s your lucky day. AMGI Studios just unleashed their early access title My Pet Hooligan, exclusively on the Epic Games Store. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill shooter; it’s a AAA thrill ride starring a lineup of diverse, playable rabbits. Picture Hollywood-level animation meeting frenetic gameplay, and you’ve got the gist.

Exclusive Monthly Drops for Prime Members

Hold onto your carrots, Prime gamers. AMGI Studios has inked a 12-month deal with Prime Gaming, dropping exclusive content for Prime members each month. From in-game wearables to special badges and skins, the goodie bag is packed. The first drop, up for grabs for 30 days, features Max’s Zip-up Hoody, Jeans, and Shoes along with Thumps by Kré Black Headphones. These drops will roll out monthly, so keep those twitchy ears open.

Prime Gaming Elevates the My Pet Hooligan Experience

Don’t think these exclusive drops are hidden in some obscure corner. Prime Gaming is placing My Pet Hooligan alongside big-league titles like League of Legends, Valorant, and Diablo IV. That’s right, this bunny shooter is getting prime-time attention, and AMGI Studios couldn’t be happier.

Gameplay First, Bells and Whistles Later

Luke Paglia, the COO of AMGI Studios, spills on the game’s philosophy: “Our focus is on storytelling and animation, enriching the gameplay experience. Whether you’re skating around collecting digital knick-knacks, battling foes, or crushing ZuckBots, you do you.” With power players like Amazon Prime Gaming and Epic Games in their corner, AMGI aims to keep the spotlight squarely on gameplay.

Blurring the Lines Between Gaming and Entertainment

AMGI Studios isn’t just another game developer. Spearheaded by entertainment industry vets like Colin Brady, a former Pixar animation lead, they’re pushing proprietary technology that marries gaming and traditional entertainment. In Brady’s words, My Pet Hooligan is “a lively community that fights MetaZuckBot oppression using quirky weapons while also enjoying social activities in virtual theaters and karaoke bars.”

Start Claiming Your My Pet Hooligan Goodies Today

Already a Prime member? Head to the Prime Gaming website to start claiming your monthly My Pet Hooligan drops. And if you haven’t yet, hop into the Epic Games Store to dive into this one-of-a-kind bunny shooter.

So there you have it, G-LYFE Nation. My Pet Hooligan is bringing something fresh to the table, backed by big names and unique experiences. Whether you’re in it for the battles or the bunnies, keep those controllers warm.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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