Thirdverse Drops Official Trailer and Fresh Screens for SOUL COVENANT, a VR Tactical Action Experience

Thirdverse, Co., Ltd., based out of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo with CEO Hironao Kunimitsu at the helm, has rolled out the Announcement Trailer and up-to-date screenshots for their soon-to-drop VR game, SOUL COVENANT. Crafted in their Tokyo Studio, the game is on track for a 1H 2024 release.

Challenge Your Fate in a Battle-Ridden, Near-Future Japan

Set against the grim backdrop of a near-future Japan, SOUL COVENANT pits humanity in an all-out war against machines. Players can expect a blend of adrenaline-pumping moments and narrative depth. The game aims for a high level of VR immersion, allowing players to engage in world-altering battles.

Hordes and Weapons: The Nitty-Gritty of VR Combat

Gamers will square off against overwhelming forces of encroaching enemies and gargantuan foes. The game features a transformative weapons system, crafted from the remains of fallen allies. These weapons possess dual forms, letting players switch combat styles, reach, and power on the fly.

The Emotional Undertones of “Death”

The game takes an intriguing approach to the concept of “death.” In SOUL COVENANT, facing various challenges and traversing awe-inspiring VR scenarios are moments that lead to a profound emotional transformation for players.

Meet Eve: The AI Sidekick

Voice acted by Ai Kayano, Eve is an artificial intelligence that sides with humanity against the machine onslaught. Her origins remain murky, but she plays a vital role through her management of the Reincarnation Program, a database that records the ‘countless deaths’ experienced in-game.

Experience SOUL COVENANT at Tokyo Game Show 2023

For those attending the Tokyo Game Show 2023, SOUL COVENANT can be demoed at the Thirdverse booth (09-E23) situated in the VR/AR area of International Exhibition Hall 9. On top of the game experience, visitors will be treated to 3D holographic characters and exclusive merchandise.

Entry Tickets and Trial Play Slots

Trial Entry Tickets are up for grabs near the trial play area on both Business and General days. However, availability is limited. For General Day attendees, some trial play slots are available without requiring entry tickets.

Gameplay Restrictions

Note that the following individuals are barred from the play area:

  • Those under 13 years of age
  • Individuals with health conditions that could be compromised
  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol
  • Pregnant individuals

Platforms: PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, SteamVR

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