Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Drops Epic Raid Dungeons and Gear Upgrades

Hey, G-LYFE Nation! Time to sharpen your swords and polish your wands, because Netmarble is rolling out some next-level updates to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. If you thought your gameplay couldn’t get any spicier, brace yourself for Raid dungeons, Armor Liberation, Equipment Enhancement, and dope events. Get ready to strategize and grind!

Co-Op Raid Dungeons Unleashed

It’s raid time, fam! Dive into the Raid dungeons with your squad or join up with up to 19 other players. Whether it’s mission runs, evading tricky traps, or squaring off against big boss energy, these dungeons have it all. Top it off, you can snag the ‘Mecha Soldier Weapon Costume’ by combining materials that drop as your well-deserved raid rewards.

Gear Up with Armor Liberation and New Enhancement Levels

Let’s talk stats. The new Armor Liberation feature boosts your Armor beyond the old 6★ and Lv. 30 cap. Form Wisp Contracts with Armor Wisps to unlock some special stat bonuses. But wait, there’s more! Equipment Enhancement Levels are also getting a solid bump, pushing the max from Lv. 99 to Lv. 130. Wanna reach those higher levels? You’ll need ‘Apex Enhancement Stones’ and ‘Phenomenal Warding Dolls,’ which you can nab from Raids, Field Bosses, and even Relic Wars.

New In-Game Events Alert

If events are your jam, check this out:

  • Raid Update Check-In Event: Log in for 14 days and grab rewards like a Choice Summon Coupon Pack and a Rare 4★ Higgledy Hiring Selection Certificate. Power-up materials also in the mix.
  • Platypaws’s Liberating Vacation!: Starting 9/27, use your free plays and tickets from missions to participate in this limited-time mini-game. Score some Sealed Genie Weapons, Craftsman’s Tempering Agents, and other sweet loot.
  • Feeling Lucky?: Complete the raid and get an entry number. If Lady Luck smiles on you, and your number is the match, you’ll secure a Miraculous Warding Doll Chest. But don’t sweat it if you’re not the chosen one; a Random Summon Coupon will still be yours.

So, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds players, strap in for an adventure-packed update that’ll test your skill and strategy. Get in there and make it epic!

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Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

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