Nacon Limited Edition Colorlight Wired Controller Review

The Nacon Colorlight wired gamepad stands out as a budget-friendly option in the gaming world, priced around $40. Its unique transparent design and customizable LED lighting add a retro yet modern flair, appealing to gamers who value aesthetics. The controller offers extensive customization through the Compact Pro app, allowing for personalized control settings and lighting effects. Comfortable in size and grip, it performs reliably in gameplay, although it falls short in the premium feel of buttons and triggers compared to higher-end models. While the non-detachable cable might pose a minor inconvenience for storage and transport, the Colorlight's affordability, combined with its functional performance and customization options, makes it a worthwhile choice for cost-conscious gamers seeking a blend of style and substance.
  • Affordable Price: At around $40, it offers great value for money.
  • Unique Design: Transparent shell with a retro vibe, offering a unique aesthetic appeal.
  • Customizable LEDs: Six bright, customizable LEDs for personalized lighting effects.
  • Companion App: Extensive customization options via the Compact Pro app, including button mapping and control adjustments.
  • Comfortable Use: Despite its smaller size, the controller is comfortable to hold and use.
  • Good Vibration Feedback: Satisfying level of rumble, comparable to more expensive controllers.
  • Responsive Controls: Generally reliable and responsive in gameplay.
  • Officially Licensed: Ensures full compatibility with Xbox and PC platforms.
  • No Profile Saving: Lacks the ability to save custom settings profiles for different games.
  • Material Quality: The plastic material can feel greasy over time due to skin oils.
  • Button Feel: ABXY buttons and shoulder buttons lack the premium 'clicky' feel.
  • D-Pad Quality: The D-pad feels somewhat mushy and lacks tactile responsiveness.
  • Trigger Sensitivity: Triggers have less travel, affecting precision in certain game genres.
  • Non-Detachable Cable: The long, permanently attached cable can make storage and portability more cumbersome.
Quality - 6.5
Performance - 7
Customization - 8.5
Design - 9

Balancing Act: Affordability Meets Functionality

Build and Feel: The Nacon Colorlight emerges as a lightweight contender in the gaming arena. Its smaller frame, compared to mainstream options like the Xbox One controller, mirrors its budget-friendly nature. The plastic construction, though solid, tends to gather skin oils over time, leading to a slightly greasy feel. Regular cleaning is recommended for maintaining its sleek look.

Button Dynamics: Entering the button showdown, the Colorlight’s ABXY buttons hold their ground, ensuring reliable gameplay. However, aficionados of tactile feedback might find them lacking the distinct ‘clickiness’ associated with higher-end models. The shoulder buttons echo this sentiment, performing their role without the crisp feedback expected in premium controllers.

D-Pad Dilemma: The D-pad, a crucial element for precise directional inputs, presents a softer, less tactile experience. While it doesn’t hinder basic functionality, it falls short of the satisfying responsiveness found in more luxurious counterparts.

Trigger Talk: On the trigger front, the Colorlight takes a different approach. The triggers, broader yet shallower than those on the Xbox One controller, offer a unique feel. This design choice, while comfortable, might affect gamers who rely on nuanced trigger inputs, especially in genres demanding meticulous control like racing or simulation games.

Game On: Responsive and Compatible

Analog Agility: The analog sticks of the Nacon Colorlight are a high point in its design. Smaller and shorter, yet impressively effective, these sticks boast a textured surface for enhanced grip. This feature ensures precise control and comfortable maneuverability across various gaming genres.

Rumble Ready: The controller’s vibration motors deliver a robust and satisfying rumble, aligning closely with the performance of its Xbox One counterpart. This aspect enhances the immersive quality of gameplay, particularly in action-packed scenarios.

Responsive Gameplay: In the arena of responsiveness, the Colorlight holds its own. It consistently delivers a swift and reliable response to in-game actions, crucial for fast-paced and competitive gaming.

Platform Prowess: As an officially licensed product, the Colorlight shines in compatibility, seamlessly integrating with Xbox and PC platforms. This eliminates concerns about potential issues with unlicensed accessories, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Personalize Your Play

Companion App Connectivity: The Nacon Colorlight sets itself apart with its Compact Pro companion app. This digital tool opens up a world of customization possibilities. From LED lighting tweaks to button reassignments, the app empowers gamers to tailor their controller to their unique preferences.

LED Luminescence: A standout feature, the controller’s six LEDs can be customized for brightness, color, and pattern, adding a personal touch to your gaming setup. Whether it’s a steady glow or dynamic light show, these LEDs ensure your controller stands out.

Tailored Controls: The app’s ability to fine-tune button mapping and adjust analog stick response curves enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to optimize control settings for different game genres or playstyles.

Trigger Tuning: For those seeking precision, the app also offers the flexibility to adjust the trigger range. This feature is particularly beneficial for games where trigger sensitivity can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Retro Flair Meets Modern Tech

Transparent Trendsetter: The Colorlight dazzles with its transparent shell, a throwback to the 90s style, allowing a peek into the intricate world of its inner workings. This unique design choice not only appeals to the nostalgic but also adds a distinct aesthetic to the modern gamer’s arsenal.

LED Showcase: The integration of customizable LEDs elevates the controller’s design, transforming it from a mere gaming tool into a statement piece. Whether it’s set to a single color or cycling through a spectrum, these lights add a vibrant flair to any gaming session.

Ergonomic Consideration: Despite its smaller stature, the Colorlight is designed with comfort in mind. It fits snugly in the hands of a wide range of gamers, ensuring long gaming sessions remain comfortable.

Cable Considerations: The 6ft. braided cable adds a layer of durability and quality to the controller. However, its non-detachable nature may pose a challenge in terms of storage and portability, especially for gamers on the go.

Affordable Gaming, Uncompromised Fun

Pricing Edge: Priced at around $40, the Nacon Colorlight wired gamepad emerges as a budget-friendly champion in the gaming world. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for gamers seeking quality without breaking the bank.

Value Proposition: In the realm of affordability versus features, the Colorlight stands tall. Its unique design, customization options via the Compact Pro app, and solid performance capabilities deliver more than what its price tag suggests.

Gamer’s Perspective: For the cost-conscious gamer, the Colorlight offers a blend of functionality and fun. It’s a controller that doesn’t just save pennies but also brings a personalized touch to gaming sessions with its customizable LEDs and ergonomic design.

Verdict: The Nacon Colorlight is a testament to the idea that budget does not have to mean basic. It’s an excellent choice for gamers who value customization and unique design, and are willing to overlook some of the finer details found in higher-priced controllers. In the balance of cost and capabilities, the Colorlight is a surefire winner for the thrifty gamer.

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