Neverwinter: Jewel of the North Reveals First Battle Pass Echoes of Prophecy

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Neverwinter: Jewel of the North will receive a free battle pass, Echoes of Prophecy, starting with the first milestone launching on PC and consoles this October 1st, 2021. Adventurers will experience an evolving campaign across three milestones that mark the mysterious return of the Cult of the Dragon, an evil organization that venerates dragons.

Each milestone features unique content, including new story content, enemies, rewards, and more. The second milestone will launch on all platforms on November 1st and the last milestone launches on all platforms on December 1st, 2021.

In Echoes of Prophecy, rumors of oddities in the Weave have spread from the frozen north of Icewind Dale to the sweltering southeastern Dambrath as the Cult of the Dragon has made a return to the city of Neverwinter. Alongside the legendary Sage of Shadowdale Elminster Aumar and the gathering factions forming the Shield of the North, players investigate this mysterious phenomenon and search for answers in hopes of bringing peace to Faerûn once more.

The epic campaign for Echoes of Prophecy will take place over three unique milestones. With the first milestone launching on PC and consoles on October 1st, adventurers start their investigation of the Cult of the Dragon’s return and confront the cult’s powerful priests to stop their plans. The remaining milestones evolve the story of Echoes of Prophecy as players continue to uncover details behind the cult’s return and why there are strange new alterations to the Weave.

Along with new story content and challenging enemies, each milestone will bring limited-time rewards, including new mounts, cosmetic items, and emotes. For every milestone, adventurers will automatically unlock free, unique rewards by logging in, playing through the campaign, and completing repeatable quests. Additionally, players can purchase the premium battle pass to earn additional rewards.

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