Fore! Flying down the fairway on Wednesday, Feb. 3 comes Birdie Crush, the casual mobile fantasy golf game from developer and publisher Com2uS. After more than one million pre-registration sign-ups, players will finally get to download Birdie Crush on the official website or via the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

Birdie Crush combines a cheery anime aesthetic with easy-to-use golf arcade game mechanics, all set in a fantasy world. Players will soon meet the four main characters in Birdie Crush beginning with the heroine, Erin G. Bird, an ambitious wannabe golf superstar with multiple tricks in her golf bag. Additional characters such as Kris Lowell, Lucie de Bei and Martina Glow are also playable with customizable skills and costumes. Collecting various outfits and customizing character’s abilities – casting magical spells for example – allows players to strategize in a slew of single player and multiplayer modes.

A golfer is nothing without their caddy and the adorably fuzzy caddies in Birdie Crush are more than just cute companions. Each caddy is unique and uses their special skills to help the player along their journey. Long known for helping golfers perform their best, caddies in Birdie Crush provide help and advice for the player when needed.

Birdie Crush includes a variety of game modes such as:

  • Match Mode – Face-off against an online opponent in real time based on rank and collect match coins to win a random box filled with various items. Win weekly season rewards based on ranking.
  • Single Mode – A single player league featuring various tournaments, event matches and more.
  • Team Ranking – Challenge other teams with up to four members each and purchase powerful items with your team ranking coins. Since this mode is autoplay, players must strategically choose the right characters, based on stats and skills, to gain the upper hand on specific courses.
  • Friendly Match  Play a casually competitive match against friends online.
  • Golf Lesson – Learn how to play Birdie Crush and receive rewards for completing lessons.
  • Event mode – Special events with unique themes and stages will occur throughout Birdie Crush which will reward in-game currency to purchase items

Com2uS, a leading developer for a wide variety of mobile sports games, is also hosting a cross-promotional event for Birdie Crush. Players can receive exclusive in-game rewards in top mobile games including Summoners War, MLB 9 Innings 20, Skylanders Ring of Heroes and more by pre-registering for Birdie Crush. Players can pre-register on the official website to receive a coupon for a specific game.

Popular K-Pop singer, Eunha, from the girl group GFRIEND, sings the theme song for Birdie Crush, meshing beautifully with the game’s soft, vibrant and super-kawaii aesthetic.

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