Next Move: Typico Games Sets Release Date and Drops Demo for Joystick-Free VR Platformer

In a groundbreaking announcement, Typico Games confirmed that Next Move, the highly anticipated VR platformer that ditches the joystick, will hit Steam and Oculus Quest stores on November 30th. The game studio didn’t stop there; they’ve also launched a demo that includes tutorials and the first three levels. A sneak-peek trailer has been released to offer a glimpse into the fantastical worlds awaiting players.

The Game Mechanics: Body Movements Rule, Joysticks Drool

Next Move sets itself apart by incorporating real-life body movements into the gameplay. Players can kiss joystick navigation goodbye and physically engage with their virtual surroundings. Journey through dreamscapes packed with intricate architecture and embark on an experience like no other.

Challenges & Quests: More Than Just a Walk in the VR Park

Gamers should prepare for an array of obstacles and challenges. Whether you’re scaling a rotating tower, chasing a gondola across a foggy lake, or leaping over crumbling pillars, Next Move will test both your physical and mental limits.

Bend Time, Solve Puzzles: A Layered Gameplay Experience

Success isn’t merely about overcoming physical obstacles. Players will also encounter perplexing puzzles that demand clever solutions. For those looking to add another layer of complexity to their journey, the game incorporates time-bending mechanics, challenging you to manipulate time to progress through the levels.

Classical Meets VR: Nostalgia Gets a Reality Check

For fans of traditional platformers, Next Move serves up the same classic feel but raises the stakes with immersive VR elements. Dive into this one-of-a-kind world that stretches the boundaries of both time and space.

With Typico Games’ release date announcement and the demo now live, the VR gaming landscape just got a serious contender. Gamers can mark their calendars for November 30th and start their Next Move journey early by checking out the available demo.

Platforms: SteamVR

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