Nintendo Weekly Content Update December 22th 2022

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following content:

Nintendo Mobile:

Fire Emblem Heroes – It’s time to Engage! Celebrate the upcoming release of the Fire Emblem Engage game for the Nintendo Switch system on January 20th, 2023, by participating in the new A Hero Rises: Fire Emblem Engage Cup event! Visit the official website to vote for candidates consisting of the 12 protagonists of the Fire Emblem series who appear in Fire Emblem Engage as Emblems. The number of characters you can vote for will increase by one daily. The 12 winning Heroes will appear in the Free Summon: A Hero Rises Engage Cup summoning event in the Fire Emblem Heroes game near the end of January where you can make a Hero of your choice a 5★ ally! You can vote for your favorite version of each of these 12 Heroes on the official website, until December 25th at 6:59 p.m. PT.


Inside the House of Indies Holiday Event – This week, until December 23rd, the Inside the House of Indies Holiday Event is serving up fresh, daily videos highlighting game updates, announcements, and more from Nintendo’s indie partners.

Double Gold Point Promotion for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass Members – Until January 31st, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PT, active Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members can get double My Nintendo Gold Points on the purchase of eligible digital games and DLC in Nintendo eShop and My Nintendo Store. That means members can earn 10% in Gold Points, which can then be used toward their next eligible purchase.

My Nintendo Fire Emblem Engage Sweepstakes – Enter the My Nintendo Fire Emblem Engage Sweepstakes for a chance to win some engaging prizes!

New My Nintendo Physical Rewards – Get set for the new year with a snazzy My Nintendo 2023 desktop calendar reward. You can receive this reward by redeeming 400 My Nintendo Platinum Points. For EarthBound fans, My Nintendo has two out-of-this-world physical rewards you won’t want to miss – the Eight Melodies notebook and the Phase Distorter luggage tag! These mementos may have you chanting, “Happy Happy!” And finally, feast your eyes on an adorable Kirby’s Dream Buffet keychain, which features Copy Foods and colorful variations of Kirby on the strap.

Also, new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

  • A Maiden Astrologer Divines the Future
  • Astronomical Club For Queers – Available December 23rd
  • Burger Chef Tycoon Extended Edition
  • Cats Puzzle – Available December 24th
  • Dr. Kobushi’s Labyrinthine Laboratory
  • Drone Race Simulator Pilot Flight School Airplane Games Jet 2023
  • Fight Club – Join us if you can
  • Floppy Knights
  • Grappling Dash
  • Iron Lung
  • Kaiju Wars
  • Kawaii Slime Arena
  • Mia’s Christmas
  • Mini Golf & Pool Bundle – Available December 25th
  • Moorhuhn Pirates – Crazy Chicken Pirates – Available December 26th
  • Mortal Shell: Complete Edition
  • Party Party Time
  • Pixel Cup Soccer – Ultimate Edition – Available December 26th
  • Popplings
  • Roller Katz: BF – Episode 1 – Available December 23rd
  • Street Drag Racing Car Driving Simulator 2022 Games – Available December 26th
  • Sucker for Love: First Date
  • Supreme Car Race on Highway Simulator – Ultimate Driving Games Poly Experience – Available December 26th
  • Sweet Bakery Tycoon Premium Edition – Available December 23rd
  • The Tale of Clouds and Wind (QUByte Classics)
  • Truck Simulator 3 – Available December 23rd
  • Windstorm: An Unexpected Arrival
  • Words in Word
  • Xanchuchamel – Available December 27th
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