Nuka World Rules Expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Now Up for Digital Preorder

Hold on to your Power Armor, gamers! The notorious Nuka World is opening its rusty gates to all Fallout: Wasteland Warfare enthusiasts. Modiphius Entertainment is leveling up your post-apocalyptic experience with the digital pre-order of their Nuka World Rules Expansion PDF. For the traditionalists among you, mark November in your Pip-Boys for the printed version release.

Meet the Gangs of Nuka World

Once you step into this dilapidated amusement park, you’ll cross paths with the unhinged gangs that have claimed it as their turf—Disciples, Operators, and The Pack. Each gang isn’t just for show; they come equipped with their own miniatures that are also up for pre-order. So yeah, get ready to assemble the craziest crew this side of the Wasteland.

Miniatures Go Max Detail

What’s the sitch with these new minis? Well, they’re decked out to bring the gang leaders to life. We’re talking dynamic poses, intricate details, and all the vibes you’d expect from your tabletop Fallout experience.

Expansion Features: Cards, Regions, and More!

This isn’t just a face-lift, peeps. The Nuka World Rules Expansion packs in:

  • 53 Units, 53 AI Cards: Get strategic or go home.
  • 8 Perks, 26 Weapons, 8 Mods: All the gear to make you feared.
  • 37 Items, 6 References, 5 Strangers, 6 Dangers: Because Wasteland.
  • 12 Creatures, 12 Event Cards: For that extra oomph of unpredictability.

New Scenarios and Campaign System

Five brand spanking new scenarios are on tap, along with a campaign system for dominating Nuka World. Sub-faction rules for The Pack, Disciples, Operators, and even Nukalurks offer more gameplay layers.

Core Rules Get a Buff

Don’t fret about complexity. Core rules revisions are in the mix to make your Wasteland Warfare skirmishes smooth as Nuka-Cola.

Where to Pre-Order?

The Nuka World Rules Expansion PDF and its raider-approved minis are available for pre-order straight from the Modiphius Entertainment website.

There you have it, Wastelanders. Whether you’re a raider or a saint, Nuka World’s got something to tickle your trigger finger. Pre-order now and secure your trip to the most dangerous theme park in the post-apocalyptic world.

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