Porsche and FINAL FANTASY VII Rebirth Unite in Creative Short Film


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A Collaboration of Dreamers and Innovators

SQUARE ENIX and Porsche AG have joined forces to celebrate the visionary creators behind FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH with the release of a unique short film titled Driven By Dreams. This collaborative effort shines a spotlight on the legendary figures Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase, and Naoki Hamaguchi, who played pivotal roles in both the original and remake projects of FINAL FANTASY VII.

The Journey of Creation

The Driven By Dreams film showcases Nomura, Kitase, and Hamaguchi as they navigate Tokyo in two Porsche 911 models from different eras – a classic from 1997 and the latest 2024 model. Their journey reflects on the origins and evolution of FINAL FANTASY VII, exploring the challenges and aspirations involved in bringing the groundbreaking RPG to life.

Celebratory Collaboration

In conjunction with the film, the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles has introduced a Porsche 911 adorned with FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH livery into its fleet. Notably, voice actors Briana White (Aerith), Caleb Pierce (Zack), Suzie Yeung (Yuffie), and Max Mittlemen (Red XIII) experienced the thrill of driving this specially customized 911.

Shared Vision and Inspiration

Deniz Keskin, Director of Brand Management & Partnerships at Porsche AG, expressed admiration for the FINAL FANTASY VII creators, citing their pioneering spirit and impact on the RPG genre. Similarly, Yoshinori Kitase highlighted the shared ambition between SQUARE ENIX and Porsche to challenge norms and create groundbreaking possibilities.


FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH has garnered significant attention as the “Most Anticipated” Game of 2024. It continues the legacy of the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project, aiming to set new standards in video game storytelling. Following the success of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, the series anticipates further acclaim with over 7 million shipments and digital sales to date.

Demo and Player Incentives

A two-part demo of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is currently available, offering players a glimpse into the opening chapter and a preview of the expansive in-game world. Progress from the demo can be transferred to the full game, providing players with a seamless transition and exclusive benefits to enhance their gaming experience.

This collaboration between SQUARE ENIX and Porsche AG embodies a fusion of creativity and innovation, celebrating the enduring legacy of FINAL FANTASY VII and its creators’ dreams that continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Platforms: PlayStation 5

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