Positech brings Production Line to EGX

The Car Factory Tycoon game will soothe your worries with meticulous organisation

A modern car factory is a near-perfect example of efficiency, process-management and flow. A massive army of precision-controlled robots dance to a millimetre-perfect ballet of engineering excellence with perfect timing. Car components snake along conveyor belts in a ‘just-in-time’ order and supply system which eliminates pauses, delays, confusion and congestion. Nothing exists but the perfect flowing efficiency of high-tech automobile construction…

…in theory.

Production line is the new car factory management/simulation/tycoon game from Positech games, the developers of Democracy & Gratuitous Space Battles, and publisher of Big Pharma. This game is designed to appeal to the efficiency geek in all of us, the person who cannot help but organize things for maximum performance; the closet entrepreneur; the stats-geek; players of games like Factorio and Sim City. Is that you? If so…welcome to your dream game (we hope!).

The game is now in alpha! / Early Access Order the game today direct from us and get the alpha build to play around with right now. Click the pre-order button at the top of this page to get started. We WELCOME feedback, ideas and opinions on the way the game should develop through its pre-release stages

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