Post-Apocalyptic “Stalker” MMORPG ‘Stay Out’ Unleashes on Steam Alongside Holiday Event

Mobile Technologies LLC is thrilled to announce the release of stalker-inspired post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMORPG Stay Out on Steam Early Access. To celebrate the release the developers have also announced a winter wonderland of holiday events for players to enjoy. Roaming as a massive cookie in Gingerbread Madness, or visiting Father Frost in the all-new “N-Town” players will be able to get into the holiday spirit in Stay Out.

The Alienation Zone is getting a whole lot stranger for the holidays, as a gigantic (but delicious) monster roams the woodlands in search of fresh stalker blood. The seasonal, Gingerbread Madness mode lets one lucky player rampage across the landscape as the sugar-frosted titan, while nineteen other players must scramble to fill their cars with goodies. While guns are conspicuously absent from this strange new battleground, bold players can gather fireworks to launch at the beast in hoped to slow down its pursuit. The winning player being the one to have stashed the most boxes when the round ends.

Those players who’d rather roam the wastes as normal have some holiday goodies to look forward to as well. For starters, it’s been snowing, giving the environment a whole new look (and giving lighter-colored camo gear an obvious advantage). For the builders in Stay Out, the newly frosted zones will provide them with the ability to create the snow fort of their dreams as the only limit to construction is their own imagination. Creative players will want to keep an eye out after the 25th for the start snow fort competition, to enter players will need to talk with Father Frost in “N-Town”. Players can also seek heartwarming-yet-tactical refuge in the scenic snow forts scattered around the landscape.

Stay Out

Intrepid adventurers can also seek out “N”-Town, home to Father Frost and give him a visit to hear his holiday tales and mysterious history. While there, players can also do a little holiday shopping and scavenge up a stocking full of gifts and goodies. Players shouldn’t let their guard down, however, as it’s first come first serve in the Alienation Zone, even when in the home of Father Frost.

Stay Out is available now for free on Steam Early Access. Players can check out the Gingerbread Madness event, or visit “N-Town” beginning on December 23 and can look forward to the snow fort competition after December 25. All holiday events will be available for players through the end of January 2020.

Stay Out 1

A list of features include:

  • Massive open world
  • Recreated realms of the former USSR
  • Accurate post-soviet 90’s architecture
  • Realistic weapons and equipment
  • RPG elements with experience, skill, and profession systems
  • A player-driven economy with an open-trade system
  • Survive a harsh and desolate environment
  • Encounter mutants and anomalies
  • Solve the mysteries of the Zone
  • Interact and group up with other players or fight against for valuable supplies
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