Project Orion: The Next Leap Forward in CD PROJEKT RED’s Universe

Navigating New Frontiers with CD PROJEKT RED's Star-Studded Team

A New Chapter Begins

The gaming realm is abuzz as CD PROJEKT RED, the powerhouse behind the revolutionary Cyberpunk 2077, embarks on an ambitious journey with Project Orion. This nascent venture, poised to redefine the gaming landscape, has recently seen its ranks swell with the inclusion of several industry titans at CD PROJEKT RED North America.

Veteran Vanguard at the Helm

Project Orion, still in its infancy, is under the guidance of seasoned professionals who previously brought us Cyberpunk 2077 and its enthralling Phantom Liberty expansion. The project’s leadership includes luminaries such as Gabriel Amatangelo as Game Director, alongside Paweł Sasko, Igor Sarzyński, Andrzej Stopa, Kacper Niepokólczycki, Sarah Grümmer, and Kacper Kościeński. This distinguished crew, now stationed at the newly minted CDPR studio in Boston, Massachusetts, is set to steer Project Orion to uncharted territories.

New Blood, New Beginnings

The Boston team is reinforced by the arrival of industry veterans boasting impressive resumes:

  • Dan Hernberg steps in as Executive Producer, bringing a wealth of experience from Amazon Games, Panic Button, and Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Ryan Barnard, with a storied career at Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft, and IO Interactive, joins as Design Director.
  • Alan Villani, previously VP of Technology for WB Games, now lends his prowess as Engineering Director.
  • Anna Megill, an award-winning game writer with two decades of storytelling in games, embarks as Lead Writer.
  • Alexander Freed, a New York Times bestselling novelist and seasoned game writer, enhances the narrative team.

An Expanding Universe

As CD PROJEKT RED North America forges ahead with Project Orion, the quest for fresh talent is on. With a call for various roles in their Boston and Vancouver studios, the team is shaping up to push the boundaries of gaming once more.

The Road Ahead

Project Orion stands as a testament to CD PROJEKT RED’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With a team as diverse and talented as this, the gaming community eagerly awaits the next chapter in this storied developer’s saga. Stay tuned to G-LYFE for the latest updates on Project Orion and all things gaming.

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