Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity Drops: Choose Your Side in Cosmic Party Madness

Hey G-LYFE Nation! Gather your squad because the universe just dropped a new battleground for you to conquer—or not. Fifth Harbour Studios just unleashed Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity on Steam, and it’s looking like a wild ride!

Pricing Details and Launch Perks

Currently sitting at $24.99, the game is even treating early birds with a 20% launch discount for a limited time. If you’ve been saving those Steam gift cards, now’s the time to cash ’em in.

What’s the 411 on Fifth Harbour Studios?

This Dutch-based development crew is hitting the scene with their debut game, and let’s just say they’re not pulling any punches. Project Planet was born from the chaos of pandemic life, drawing from real-world scenarios to shape its gameplay mechanics.

The Game’s Core Mechanics: Be the Savior or the Shaker

Here’s the lowdown. You can either embrace your inner world leader, scientist, media mogul—you name it—to protect humanity. Or flip the switch, become Earth, and dial up the mayhem with virus outbreaks, asteroid impacts, or any other global catastrophe you’ve got in your arsenal.

Co-op or Solo? Your Call

The game is flexible like that. Roll solo or bring in up to five friends to join your campaign for either annihilation or survival. And the kicker? You only need one copy of the game to get the party started. Your pals can hop in using any web-enabled device like smartphones or tablets.

Remote Gaming Enabled

If the squad’s not around, no sweat. Utilize video conferencing tools like Zoom, Steam Broadcast, or Discord to keep the vibes going. Just don’t skimp on the audio streaming; you’re going to want to hear the chaos unfold.

Unique Gameplay Awaits

Look, it’s not just another party game; it’s an experience. Whether you’re triggering Earth’s wrath or siding with humanity, the game offers unique roles with complex choices that echo real-life dilemmas. Plus, branching narratives ensure no two game sessions are ever the same.

So, whether you’re a keyboard warrior or a couch commander, Project Planet – Earth vs Humanity is your next stop for either cosmic salvation or planetary pandemonium. Choose wisely.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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