Qhira, the newest original Nexus Hero, comes to Heroes of the Storm

A powerful force has just entered Heroes of the Storm and is now live.

Qhira, a deadly Iresian Bounty Hunter, has arrived from the Nexus realm of Iresia. A versatile and dangerous Melee Assassin, Qhira is armed with a deadly Iresian Chainblade, which helps ensure that she always collects her bounties. A former knight of her now shattered homeland, Qhira’s prowess is unmatched on the battlefield. With Iresia destroyed, she has become a Bounty Hunter with an array of abilities that make her adept at beginning fights and, more importantly, ending them. Her distinctive playstyle is great for lightning-fast engages and dealing high amounts of damage before help can arrive.

Survive the Wastelands with the Return of Warchrome Wastes

Prepare your favorite Heroes for the dangers that lurk within the badlands by equipping them with the newest Warchrome Wastes Skins and Mount:

  • Deathranger Nova Skin
  • Daredevil Roadrider Raynor Skin
  • Corrupted Archangel Diablo Skin
  • Molten Diesel Speaker Nazeebo Skin
  • Daredevil Helldorado Mount


Ranked Updates and Storm League Season 1, 2019

The newest improvements to ranked play in Heroes of the Storm are now live. These changes will also coincide with the start of Storm League Season 1, 2019. This update brings much-requested features such as Ranked Points being directly mapped to a player’s Storm League MMR, a reduction in the number of Placement Matches, and a new Ranked Seasonal Questline.


There has never been a better time to jump into ranked play in Heroes of the Storm. For a breakdown of all the changes coming to Storm League, check out the patch notes.

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