Racing Prodigy Launches World’s First E2Real Sports League and Announces Major Gaming Partnerships

Racing Prodigy, the innovative sports, entertainment, and media property, has made a groundbreaking announcement with the launch of the Prodigy Racing League (PRL), the world’s first e2Real sports league. This revolutionary racing league aims to make motorsports more accessible by utilizing esports as a pathway to real-world racing, leveling the playing field and providing millions of aspiring racers with an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

David Cook, CEO of Racing Prodigy, envisioned this groundbreaking concept based on his experience leading competitions at Mazda, where virtual racing experts competed against real-world racers in actual race cars. Cook observed that the skill set acquired from virtual racing directly translated into real-life performance, thus revealing the potential for seismic change in the motorsports industry. By reducing the financial barriers associated with traditional motorsports, Racing Prodigy aims to open the doors to the sport for individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

“At Racing Prodigy, we believe that the financial barriers to enter motorsports should be at par with traditional sports. With just a console, mobile device, or PC equipped with a wheel and pedals, gamers can participate in esports tournaments, thus expanding the sport we love from the few to the many,” stated Cook. “The PRL serves as the new home for racers of all backgrounds and abilities, allowing them to chase their motorsports dreams from the screen to the track. Today marks a significant step forward towards providing equal opportunities for everyone to participate in motorsports.”

Racing Prodigy has partnered with four prominent gaming titles, including iRacing, Street Kart Racing, rFactor 2, and RaceRoom, to transform dreams into reality. The quest for racing prodigies commences with iRacing, hosting the PRL iRacing GR86 Cup Open Challenge, starting on June 19th. Gamers aged 13 and above can register for the tournament at before the qualifying stage concludes on June 26th. The semi-finals and final races will be livestreamed on Twitch on July 1 and July 2nd. Additional tournaments, both free-to-enter and pay-to-enter, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Racing Prodigy is proud to welcome three Official Partners to the Prodigy Racing League: SIM-LAB, GRID Engineering, and Asetek SimSports. These esteemed partners are dedicated to supporting the sim racing community and will generously provide their innovative, high-performance products as prizes for tournament winners and select participants.


Participants in the Prodigy Racing League will engage in esports racing tournaments across the four acclaimed gaming titles. These tournaments will be held over the course of 12 events, spanning from June to October.

The top 15 performers will earn the prestigious Prodigy Pass, also known as the “golden ticket of motorsports.” This exclusive pass grants them the opportunity to compete in real Radical SR1 race cars at Prodigy Week, scheduled to take place from October 30 to November 1 at Atlanta Motorsports Park. This two-mile racetrack, designed by Formula One’s premier architect Hermann Tilke, will provide a thrilling and challenging environment for the racers. During Prodigy Week, participants will receive expert instruction on racing techniques, fitness, and communication, further enhancing their skills.

Following the success of the first Prodigy Week, Racing Prodigy plans to organize a second event in early 2024. An additional 35 Prodigy Pass winners will be chosen, forming a pool of 50 of the world’s most talented drivers. These exceptional racers will then be eligible for selection by PRL teams, with the opportunity to receive a paid contract and compete in PRL’s inaugural real-world racing series in the United States, set to launch in 2024.

The introduction of the Prodigy Racing League and its partnerships with major gaming titles mark a significant milestone in the motorsports world. By leveraging the power of esports and virtual racing, Racing Prodigy is transforming the landscape of motorsports, making it more accessible and inclusive. Through this groundbreaking initiative, individuals with a passion for racing can now pursue their dreams, regardless of financial constraints, and showcase their skills on both virtual and real racetracks.

Aspiring racers and gaming enthusiasts alike can now set their sights on the Prodigy Racing League and prepare for the ultimate gaming-to-racing journey. With the world’s first e2Real sports league, Racing Prodigy is revolutionizing the way motorsports is experienced, breaking barriers, and providing unprecedented opportunities for racers to shine.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as the Prodigy Racing League paves the way for a new era of motorsports, merging the virtual and real worlds in a thrilling and accessible racing experience.

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