Replica Studios Gives Game Designers the Ability to Manage AI Voice Dialogue Seamlessly

Replica Studios Launches Update that Enables Writers and Game Designers to Manage Hundreds of Lines of AI Voice Dialogue Seamlessly.

AI Voice Platform transforms into a fully-featured digital voice studio with major update ‘Project and Scenes’ that enable studios of any size to create and manage voices in their projects.

Replica Studios, an artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology company, today launched a major update to Replica’s platform called ‘Projects and Scenes’. The update enables game developers, animators, and filmmakers to manage scripts and dialogue with hundreds of lines and multiple characters, in a simple-to-use interface. Additionally, Replica Studios is creating a library of hundreds of AI voice characters with unique sounding voices that developers can license for game and animation narratives. To date, thousands of hours of dialogue have been produced and hundreds of games and short films have been made with Replica’s AI voices.

Narrative and story-driven games and animations often feature thousands of lines of dialogue spanning dozens of characters, including the main characters as well as non-player characters (NPC). Traditionally, scriptwriters and narrative designers spend a lot of time trying to create the most immersive experience through visuals, sound, voice, and dialogue, as well as the actual story itself. One of the biggest challenges they face through the life cycle of a project is getting buy-in from internal teams, producers, and other stakeholders as they test out different story ideas and scripts. Replica Studios’ Projects and Scenes interface enables narrative designers, writers, and creatives to quickly test out different story ideas easily through their easy-to-use interface, by simply typing out a script and casting characters from Replica Studios’ growing voice library to perform the lines in the script.

Moreover, teams can export voice lines from Replica Studios into their game engine or animation software of choice with a few clicks and test out their story with visuals and characters in-situ. Rapidly testing new ideas during the pre-production and pre-vis stages of a creative project is a huge advantage since it gives creators the ability to pitch their ideas to stakeholders with Replica’s high-quality AI voice actors.

Replica Studios’ Projects and Scenes features enable developers to:

  • Create unlimited projects and scenes to manage scripts and dialogue for any size of creative game or film project
  • Audition and Cast character voices from a growing library of 40+ AI voice actors that can express emotion and even shout in the heat of battle
  • Direct the performance of AI voice actors, tweak the pacing and pitch of words and lines, and keep track of multiple takes for each line so you can choose the best take
  • Export hundreds of lines of AI voice-enabled dialog directly into Unreal Engine, Unity, iClone, and other game engines and animation software
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