Resident Evil VR new mod has improved RE7 and Village virtual reality

Resident Evil VR on PC is becoming more and more popular. However, this new mod will change your perspective of the virtual reality horror experience. This new project will add six degrees of freedom, VRIK, and motion control to support RE7 and RE Village. This is said that it will enhance the experience further when players are using the best VR headset.

The Resident Evil VR mod, discovered by Eurogamer, compensates for Capcom’s lack of virtual reality support. The upgrade, created by Praydog, allows you to shoot, block shots, and heal using your hands, providing an extra layer of immersion to survival horror games. RE 2, 3, 7, and Village, as well as Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter Rise, are all compatible with the REFramework tool.

Capcom’s best-selling video game franchise is, in fact, Resident Evil, with 123 million units sold worldwide as of December 2021. With 12.5 million copies sold, Resident Evil 5 is the most popular game. Resident Evil is a hit in the cinema business as well, with many films released, the most recent being Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2016. The online gambling industry has also jumped on the Resident Evil bandwagon, with Skywind’s popular Resident Evil 6 slot game being available on sites that offer some of the best new UK slots.

The latest Resident Evil VR mod is guaranteed to thrill virtual reality gaming PC fans, but support for the mode isn’t perfect. Some sections in RE 7 and Village suffer from forced camera movements, which are a common occurrence due to programmed gameplay features.

Everything you need to play Praydog’s near-perfect Resident Evil VR adaptation will be available for free on Github later this month. Owners of the Oculus Quest 2 may also get a virtual survival horror fix by downloading Resident Evil 4 VR from the Meta store, which was recently updated to emphasize on mobility and comfort.

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