ROCCAT Elo Series Gaming Headset Review

The Elo Series headsets by ROCCAT Turtle Beach’s German-based PC peripherals brand gives you top-notch technology like Superhuman Hearing, TruSpeak, ProSpecs glasses friendly technology, and Stellar Wireless which features a 24-hour battery life. These headsets give you everything you need in-game allowing you to hear subtle yet game-changing sounds you might miss out on other headsets. I would like to see a different texture of memory foam on the earpieces and Bluetooth on the AIR model, but the prices make up for the lack of these features. ROCCAT has priced these to sell with 3 models starting at $49.99 up to $99.99 depending on what features you want.
  • Ultra-light
  • Top-notch sound quality on USB and AIR models
  • Priced to sell
  • Great mic quality
  • Memory foam could be more comfortable
  • Mute button location
  • No Bluetooth on AIR model
  • Lacks adjustability
Design - 7
Quality - 8
Performance - 8
Audio - 9
Price - 9

ROCCAT, Turtle Beach’s German-based PC peripherals brand has released a series of headsets combining the ROCCAT award-winning design with Turtle Beach technology. Gamers can choose from 3 different headset options the Elo 7.1 Air wireless priced at $99.99, Elo 7.1 USB hardwired priced at$69.99, or the Elo X Stereo hardwired priced at $49.99. All models have similar comfort-focused features like memory foam cushions, Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses friendly technology, a self-adjusting floating metal headband, 50mm drivers, and Turtle Beach’s high-sensitivity TruSpeak detachable microphone.

First, I think it is most important to find out what specific features create the separation in the pricing brackets. The Elo 7.1 Air and the Elo 7.1 USB have the most similarities. Both units are almost identical in design featuring RGB lit ROCCAT logos on the earpieces and all the advertised comfort technology features. What makes the major difference between these two models? The Elo 7.1 Air uses ROCCAT’s Stellar Wireless technology which features a 24-hour battery life. Most noticeably the USB model does not include Superhuman Hearing technology like the Air model. It is a major loss, there is a big gap in sound quality between these two units. I will give praise for consistency, as of now you cannot get Superhuman Hearing for any less than $99 on the next-gen models at Turtle Beach either.

ROCCAT has consistently provided great engineering and design on all its products over the years. I can appreciate the overall design of this headset, its ultra-light, quality built, and extremely comfortable for the most part. Its headband has a great quality memory foam which is super comfortable, but the earpieces do not have the same consistency and lack the comfort of other headsets have at this price point. It mainly has to do with the material they put over the foam which feels plasticky. The overall weight of the headset does make up for the earpiece texture though, you almost forget they are on your head. There is also no sliding adjustability for the side earpieces only an inch or so of play the headband gives you. If you have a big head these might not be for you. All models feature a detachable microphone which is a feature anyone can appreciate. It gives another level of application with daily lifestyle use allowing you to go outside not looking like you are in an esports tournament. Unfortunately, the only model you will be able to enjoy on your mobile devices is the Elo X Stereo due to the lack of compatibility with the other models. In this current meta of headsets, you will not find many gaming headsets with Bluetooth connectivity for under $129. AIMO RGB illumination on the Air and USB models sync up easily with other ROCCAT devices through the free Swarm software and customization is limitless.

Performance is consistent with the USB and Air models, specifically, the 50MM drivers and the Superhuman Hearing technology give you a next level sound experience and a competitive edge in PVP. They are everything you need in-game allowing you to hear subtle yet game-changing sounds you might miss out on other headsets. You will find some headsets priced over $129 with much worse sound quality. One thing that remains constant throughout the 3 Elo Series models is the mic quality, its stellar. If you decide to go for the AIR model rest assured if you forget to charge one day it will be good for a session the next day, the battery really will last you for 24 hours of use. Its onboard technology will perform just as good if not better than any other headset on the market.

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