Scathe: Enforcer Edition Releases with New Modes, Gameplay Modifiers, and Enhancements

UK games publisher Kwalee and developer Damage State have joined forces to release the highly anticipated update for Scathe: Enforcer Edition. This adrenaline-fueled bullet hell FPS now offers an enhanced gaming experience with the addition of two new modes, Speedrun and Arcade, as well as various improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes. Available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, Scathe: Enforcer Edition provides players with exhilarating action and customizable gameplay. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting update.

New Modes:

  1. Speedrun Mode: Prepare to showcase your “run and gun” skills in the thrilling Speedrun mode. Each Guardian presents a unique gauntlet, challenging you to set new records for speed and precision. This mode will put your abilities to the test as you strive to complete levels in the shortest time possible. Can you become the ultimate speedrunner in Scathe: Enforcer Edition?
  2. Arcade Mode: Embrace the stripped-back, Zen-like experience of the Arcade mode in Scathe: Enforcer Edition. This mode allows you to immerse yourself fully in the intense action by focusing solely on annihilating the blood-red Demons in front of you. To achieve a top score, you must keep moving and eliminate enemies swiftly. Will you rise to the top of the leaderboard and survive the relentless onslaught?

Gameplay Modifiers:

Scathe: Enforcer Edition now introduces custom modifiers, providing players with the flexibility to tailor the game to their preferred playstyle. These modifiers enhance the game’s replayability and offer a fresh experience with each playthrough. Here are some of the available modifiers:

  1. All Weapons: Begin the game with access to every weapon and spell at your disposal. Unleash devastating firepower right from the start, giving you an edge against the Demons.
  2. Invincibility: Tired of succumbing to the Demons’ relentless attacks? Activate this modifier and experience the thrill of continuous demon slaying without fear of death.
  3. Constant Demon Mode: Embrace the demonic powers within and permanently enter Demon mode. Unleash chaos upon your enemies as you revel in your newfound strength.
  4. Infinite Lives: Do away with the hassle of checkpoints and respawning. With this modifier, you can revive instantly at your previous location, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.
  5. Demon Overload: Crave a greater challenge? Activate this modifier to increase the number of Demons spawning around you. Brace yourself for an intense battle against overwhelming odds.
  6. Infinite Ammo: No more worries about running out of ammunition. With this modifier, your arsenal is unlimited, enabling you to rain destruction upon your foes.

Improvements & Tweaks:

Scathe: Enforcer Edition comes with various enhancements, tweaks, and bug fixes to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Some notable improvements include:

  1. Dash Kills and Health Gain: Performing dash kills now rewards players with a small health boost, adding a tactical element to combat strategies.
  2. Hell Hammer Firing Mechanics: The Hell Hammer weapon now undergoes venting after each clip, offering a brief respite between rounds of relentless firing.
  3. Improved AI Spawn Rates: AI spawn rates and timeouts in barrier sections have been fine-tuned, resulting in a smoother progression through the game.
  4. Ammo Rewards for Headshots: Headshots now provide additional ammunition, rewarding players for their accuracy and precision.
  5. Streamlined Movement: Collisions on multiple props in certain zones have been removed, ensuring smoother movement and a more immersive experience.


  1. Swarm AI Behavior: The AI behavior for swarming enemies has been adjusted to prevent them from freezing if one section remains, ensuring a more dynamic and engaging combat experience.
  2. AI Spawn Optimization: Significant improvements have been made to AI spawning mechanics, preventing them from starting too close to players, except in arenas and barrier sections. This enhancement creates a fairer and more balanced gameplay environment.
  3. Level Design Fixes: Misaligned walls in three zones have been rectified, eliminating visual inconsistencies and improving the overall aesthetic appeal.
  4. Bridge Functionality: Bridges in Oxide’s zone now function correctly, preventing players from falling into lava at the beginning of the level and maintaining the flow of gameplay.
  5. Joypad Prompt: The issue where the reconnect joypad prompt would remain static on the screen after losing the last life and disconnecting has been resolved, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.
  6. Eliminating AI Stuck Points: Multiple areas where AI could become stuck have been identified and fixed, ensuring smooth enemy movement and preventing disruptions in gameplay.
  7. Jittering Issues: The problem of Jitters submerging into the ground upon spawning in a specific zone has been addressed, providing a more consistent and immersive experience for players.

Scathe: Enforcer Edition has arrived with a bang, introducing new modes, gameplay modifiers, and a range of improvements and fixes. With the addition of Speedrun and Arcade modes, players can challenge themselves in different ways and test their skills against the Guardians and Demons. The custom modifiers offer a personalized experience, allowing players to adapt the game to their preferred style of play. The various improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes enhance gameplay mechanics, AI behavior, and level design, resulting in a more polished and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a fan of bullet hell shooters or seeking an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience, Scathe: Enforcer Edition delivers action-packed thrills and endless hours of entertainment. Get ready to dive into the chaos and prove your mettle in the intense world of Scathe.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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